Headed For The Hall of Fame

kouzglove.jpgKevin Kouzmanoff donated one of the gloves that he used in his spectacular 2009 season to the Hall of Fame on Tuesday. The president of the Hall of Fame himself came to San Diego to recieve the glove.

If you’ve read this blog in the past few weeks, you’ve probably heard these numbers like five times. But they’re so worth repeating. In 309 chances at third base this season, Kouz only had three errors, none of which were on throwing, by the way. That’s a .990 fielding percentage, and that’s incredible! It’s gotten him a lot of attention, even from the Hall of Fame! Hopefully it will get him a certain award soon…

goldgloveaward.jpgAnyways, here’s some pictures from the big event.


kouzglovehalloffame.jpgThis is just so cool for Kouz and the Padres. Kouz’s season was just amazing, and I really really really really really hope that the Padres keep him. He’s got a lot of worth to this team, and let’s hope that the Padres see that. Who knows? Kouz himself maybe going into the Hall of Fame someday 🙂

Congrats, Kouz. We are so proud of you!
Love you 🙂



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