It’s Back…


I told you the story yesterday, but I gotta tell it to you again.

It’s always something

“My calf feels great,” third baseman Kevin Kouzmanoff told Black Monday afternoon, “but I tweaked my back.”

Kouzmanoff, who was hoping to be able to return to the lineup Tuesday with a sufficiently recovered strain of his left calf, was more embarrassed than pained to report his latest injury. Evidently, he hurt himself when going back to sit in the chair in front of his locker at PNC Park, but the chair wasn’t there and he went straight to the floor on his backside.

Black said he thinks the tweaked back is not serious enough to keep Kouzmanoff from playing in Colorado.

Poor Kouz. He was just getting excited about coming back after the calf injury, and then his back acted up again. I know, it’s a terribly cheesy title, but it’s true. His back problem is back. And that’s not good news at all.

He was supposed to be back in the lineup last night. Now it looks like he won’t be able to play in this series at all!! Well, at least he’s got a lot of family in that area that he can spend time with, but I know it’s disappointing that he can’t be playing.

I’m going to the game next week against the Dodgers, and I really hope he’ll be ready to play by then. Just be ready by Tuesday, Kouz. Even if you don’t get to play in Colorado or Arizona. Make sure you can play in front of the home crowd next week!!

I wasn’t going to blog about last night’s game, but after watching some of the video I just have to. Last night, the Rockies got a two-run inside the park home run by Clint Barmes. When I saw it fold out on Gameday, I knew that one of our players had to be hurt for something like that to happen. Sure enough, Will Venable replaced Edgar Gonzalez in right field.

Edgar had done very well in the game up to that point. He had two hits and drove in three runs. He also scored a run. When the ball hit by Barmes was coming towards him, he dived for it and just missed. When he landed, his dislocated his left shoulder. He rolled around on the ground in obvious pain and the baseball stayed in the right field corner. Tony Gwynn ran over to get it back to the infield, but by the tim he got to the ball, Barmes had already scored. I can’t blame Barmes for being excited about that, but he got it at the expense of a player’s season. There’s no way that Edgar is going to play again this season. So, I think it was bad class for the Rockies to show Barmes, smiling like crazy, in the dugout. I didn’t like that at all. Oh, and the Rockies announcers couldn’t even get Edgar’s name right! They called him Luis.

Adrian and Eck and Buddy and the trainer all went out to Edgar. The trainer helped him off the field, but Edgar was in a ton of pain. It was so terrible to watch!!

Now let me tell you the sad story of Edgar’s misfortunes against the Rockies. First of all, he got hit in the head by a Rockies pitcher on July 18th. He could have died! Thankfully, he was OK, but he missed a lot of playing time. Then, he faces the Rockies again. He hit a three-run double against them, and then in that very same game, he dislocates his shoulder and ends his season. Bad form, Colorado. (I know Colorado couldn’t control what happened last night, but we’ve got to blame it on someone, right? Plus, all this seems a little fishy. What did Edgar ever do to you guys?)

Strange, miserable things always happen when the Padres and Rockies meet, especially at Coors Field. I’m getting kind of apprehensive about letting the boys play there. Players get hurt, playoff hopes are ruined, it’s 40 degrees and rains, and the scores often go out of control. Playing at Coors is too stressful!!

By the way, we lost 11-10 last night. We got four runs in the top of the ninth and left the tying and winning runs on. It was not good, but at least we were able to fight back. Very strange game. The Rockies scored in every inning except the sixth. But, I guess that’s Coors.

I really hope tonight’s game is not as stressing as last night. Like, the Padres get 10 runs in the first and keep adding on through the game. Tim Stauffer is pitching tonight. GO STAUFF!!

Be careful in that strange Coors Field, boys.




  1. crzblue2

    Is weird how the players hurt themselves doing some normal things. I am trying to remember what happen to a player in Colorado going up the stairs. Oh well, like you said, anything can happen there and those temperatures are crazy. Last year when I went in April, it had snowed the night before. my one luggage did not arrive until the following day so I froze there. I kept drinking hot chocolate.

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