Park View Little League World Champion Tribute

Oh man, I don’t even know where to start! There’s a ridiculous amount of stuff to write about today, so be prepared for a very long entry. Let’s get started.

On Friday night, the Padres opened their series against the Rockies. It was an amazing game! The Padres got a walk with the bases loaded in the bottom of the first for a 1-0 lead. Believe it or not, but that lead held all the way to the ninth. Incredible, right? The pitching was fantastic. Edward Mujica started the game, and though he only went four innings, he allowed nothing but two hits. Following him were Sean Gallagher, Adam Russell, Joe Thatcher, and Luke Gregerson. Among all five guys, they only allowing three hits total. Isn’t that INCREDIBLE??

But then Heath Bell came out.

Heath had his worst night of the entire year. Basically, he got the bases loaded and allowed a three-run double to Yorvit Torrealba. It was terrible. The Rockies ended up winning 4-1 as Heath blew his fourth save of the year. It was an amazing game, but it’s really too bad that Heath wasn’t able to hold it. I was upset, but I thought, hey, it was just a bad night for Heath and he’ll bounce back.

On Friday afternoon, we got a call from a guy at our church who had three Padres tickets for Saturday’s game. Would we like them? OH YEAH!! I was sooooo excited!!! I was going to get to go to a Padres game during my birthday week!! Thank you soooo much to the person who gave us those tickets! We had a blast!

IMG_7537.JPGAnd so, we headed out around four in the afternoon on Saturday to spend a night at the ballpark. We got there just after five, when the gates opened. Guess what? It’s time for some Padres baseball.

IMG_7550.JPGThis was the really cool clock every fan got when they walked in. The ticking is really annoying, but hey, it’s cool to look at, and it’s pretty good quality, too!

One of the reasons I was really excited about this game was the Park View Little League Champions were being honored by the Padres. I followed the team mostly through the newspaper when they were making their playoff run, so I recognized a lot of the player’s names. It was so cool to see them all there!!

The Padres did an outstanding job of honoring the team. They went all out, man. It was so amazing. Here’s what the players did:

  • Before batting practice, they got a clubhouse tour. They were presented with personalized Padres jersey, all with the number 1.
  • They got to watch the Padres’ batting practice, and then they got to take batting practice themselves. A few of the players went out to shag, and some played catch with the major league players.


  • They had a ceremony in the Park in the Park where CEO Jeff Moorad, GM Kevin Towers, and infielder Edgar Gonzalez talked to them and congradulated them.


  • The Padres then unveiled two huge banners comemmorating Park View’s World Championship. Moorad announced that those banners would stay up for the rest of this year and all of next year.


  • The players were later introduced one by one to a standing ovation. A video of some highlights from their playoff run played.



IMG_7162.JPGAll of the players threw out a “first” pitch to a Padres player…all at once!

  • IMG_7168.JPGWhen the Padres players trotted out to their positions, the Park View players trotted out with them to their respective positions and stayed with them during the National Anthem.
  • Later in the game, the Friars Race started. The Friars were just getting going when suddenly, the Park View players ran out and tackled three of them. The players then got up and finished out the race. It was hilarious!





IMG_7260.JPGThe players got to help with “Slingshots with the Pad Squad,” firing little soft balls into the stands.

  • The families of the team got to watch the game from a suite in the Western Metal Supply Building. Let me tell you, those are not cheap places to watch from!!

I got to get one of the kid’s autographs, Kiko Garcia. So cool!!

IMG_7541.JPGLook at all that. The Padres did an incredible job of honoring these champions. It was so cool to see!! Kudos to the Padres. They did fantastic!

I was really impressed with these kids. All through their playoff run, they seemed relaxed and easy-going. They’ve been dealing with all this fame extremely well. They were very well-behaved during all the ceremonies, and you could just tell that they were having a blast. San Diego really embraced this team, and we love them!

OK, since this entry is like HUGE, I’ve decided to do two today. Coming up next will be details and tons of pictures about the actual game.




  1. crzblue2

    that is great that you got the tickets to the game where the Little League World Champions were being honored! Wow!
    Congratulations to the The Park View/Chula Vista/Western/US champions–aka the “Blue Bombers for being the Wold Champions!

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