Going for the Split :)

We lost 6-2 yesterday. So much for a series win.

Chad Gaudin was terrible from the very beginning of the game. He didn’t have his stuff at all, and it was not a good sign. Chad’s struggled a lot this year. If he’s not on at the beginning of the game, he’s not going to have anything for the rest of it. He got his 10th loss of the season yesterday. Yikes.

He only went 3.1 innings, giving up six runs on nine hits with two walks and three strikeouts. He was terrible!!

The bullpen did very well, thankfully. Luis Perdomo went 2.2 innings, Greg Burke went two, and Joe Thatcher went one. Bullpen’s been good. Starting pitching, bad.

We didn’t get any runs until the bottom of the sixth. Will Venable hit a two-run homer, his fifth home run in the last seven games. We had seven hits, and that was it.

This is a forgettable game. I had hoped for a series win, but the Braves jumped all over Chad Gaudin and we couldn’t get back.

Ah well. Negatives? Kouz grounded into three double plays. That is not the way to get things done around here, my boy…

Now the Mets are in town for four games. You’d better get at least a series split, boys!!


Oh man, that looks sooooo good!!

Clayton Richard is pitching tonight against Livan Hernandez.




  1. Kaybee

    DILLON, thanks so much. We’ll get through this…eventually…

    GINNY, thanks. I really hope we have a great series!!

    MATT, tell me how you really feel. hahaha! I suggest that you stay away from bananas 🙂

  2. southernbelle

    Kaybee: I’m sure the Padres can beat the Mets. The Mets players are all dropping dead like flies. They have so many injuries! I’m sure Kouz will have a bounce back game. In last nights game, my man Melky Cabrera (since Cervelli got sent down, he is my fav again) went hitless, but he did make a nice play in the outfield. The Yanks have a HUGELY anticipated series vs the Red Sox starting today, and I am pumped up! -Virginia

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