That’s More Like It!!

Last night, my Padres played like I know they’re capable of. Sure, we were playing the Nationals, but we needed a win and we got one. What a great game!!

latos.jpgMat Latos started the game. Latos is the Padres’ biggest pitching prospect right now. This was his second start of the season. In his last start he struggled a little and got the loss. But this time, he went out there with a winning mindset and a simple gameplan: throw strikes and be aggressive. And he did, and he got the win.

He threw 5.2 innings, allowing two runs on five hits. Both runs were solo homers. He also walked two and struck out five. He did much, much better than his first start, and thankfully, his offense was backing him up.

In the top of the first, Tony Gwynn started off the game with a single. Everth got on base by an error, and Tony went to third. Adrian Gonzalez hit a sacrifice fly to drive in our first run. An out later, Chase Headley doubled in our second run.

In the top of the fourth, Luis Rodriguez hit a solo homer, only the second of the year.

In the top of the sixth, we got three straight singles by Adrian, Kouz, and Chase to start the inning. An out later, Luis came through again, driving in Adrian and Kouz to give us a 5-1 lead.

adrian kouz score.jpgThe Nationals got one run in the bottom of the sixth, but in the seventh, Kouz hit a double to drive in our sixth and last run. Yay!!

The bullpen was great: Gregerson, Adams, Burke. They have been so good lately!!

Let me tell you, it was great to get a win!! The last time they had won was a week ago today when I was at the ballpark. These boys needed a win soooo badly, and they finally got it!

padres win nationals.jpg

The Nationals certainly helped us out a lot, though. They commited FOUR errors in the game!! And of course, it is the Nationals. Believe it or not, the Nationals are worse than us!! At least record-wise.

Right now, the Padres are 23.5 games behind. HA! This season is as good as dead, but I am so glad that we get games like last night’s every once in a while. 

Tonight Tim Stauffer is pitching, and I think we actually have a chance. Stauffer has been really good in his past two starts. Maybe the Padres can send me off with a series win!

I’m going on a youth conference next week to the East Coast, which will be very different since I’ll be going ahead three hours…oh boy. It’s going to be a lot of fun though, I’m getting really excited. I have to admit, I am really really looking forward to a break. It’s going to be sooo nice to get away. I’m leaving early Monday morning, and I’ll be back late Friday night. So, this will be my last blog entry for at least a week, unless some big news comes out of Padre-land sometime today. Whhhaaaa!! I’ll miss blogging soo much, but it will be nice to not have to worry about it 🙂

So, I hope the Padres do very well while I’m gone (hey, a girl can hope). Please, don’t get any more injuries. At least get one hit and one run a game.

Feel free to post comments updating me about the Padres all week! It’s not easy catching up after being away from baseball for a week, believe me. Thanks so much!!

As always, GO PADRES!!!

Gotta leave you with the sparkles 🙂



  1. raysfanboy

    The sparkles are great. I need to get some of that bling for myself! Have fun at your conference. I think you’ll seem like the party girl when you get there because of the time difference and your energy so late at night. But when you get back home, it’s gonna hurt. You’ll be sleeping while everybody else is getting ready to eat dinner! Ah, the fun of coast to coast travel!

  2. crzblue2

    How are you doing kid? long time no talk to you. Have a safe great trip. So now is you and Elizabeth on retreats. The first night is hard going to bed early. I can’t do it, then on the second night I get used to the time change.

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