What’s a Fan To Do??

Thought I’d better update what’s going on, since I haven’t written in a couple days!! I really miss reading all your blogs and commenting, but I’ve been sleeping in a lot lately, and that leaves little time for blogging 🙂

I must be honest with you guys. I have not been following the Padres closely the past week, and I have not cared when I find out about the losses. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. But I just don’t care what the Padres are doing right now.

I’ve been really busy in the past week. I’ve been helping at a Vacation Bible School, and I’m getting ready for a big trip next week. Where I’m going next week, I will have no electronic access of any kind. No internet, no phones, no mp3 players, no nothing. So, I will have no idea what’s going on in baseball. I won’t get to follow all the Padres’ losses. Oh bummer.

I’m looking forward to having a break, though this sudden lack of interest in the Padres is scaring me. Does this mean that I’m not a fan anymore? Can a person still be a fan if they are no disappointed by losses? If we won a game, I would be very happy, but do I really expect that the Padres can keep winning? I don’t. Hyun Young called this team a Triple-A team, but I think we’re worse!!

So, I’m going to get away from San Diego, away from the “real” world, and I’m going to have a great week away. We’ll just have to see what happens after that. I understand that we’re going through a rebuilding season, but what are the fans supposed to do until we’re rebuilt? 


  1. ohy22xd

    I’m very concered with the Padres now. They have not been playing REAL baseball. It’s frustrating and they know it too. Have fun with your group and all of us will miss you. Don’t worry about the Padres and I’ll write a comment to keep you updated 🙂

  2. iliveforthis

    Sometimes it’s helpful to take a break from baseball, and by no means does that mean you’re not a fan. Fanhood is fanhood, you’re certainly not a bandwagoner, but every fan needs a little vacation sometimes. I hope that yours is relaxing and by the time you come back, the Padres will have gotten things together!

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