The Claw

I have some very sad news to report. On Sunday July 19, 2009, Cla “The Claw” Meredith was traded to the Baltimore Orioles for infielder Oscar Salazar.

So, a pitcher was traded, you’re thinking. So what? Well, the implications of this trade are very sad for the team and me personally. Let’s start with the team.

The Padres got Cla in a trade in 2006 from the Red Sox. Cla and Josh Bard came over to San Diego for Doug Mirabelli.

Cla made an immediate impact in 2006 after arriving. His ERA was 1.07 in 50.2 innings with the Padres.

2007 was definitely his best season with the Padres. He was an anchor in the Padres bullpen all year. 

Cla never achieved the same success he had in 2007. He was not that great in 2008. During the 2009 Spring Training, he showed signs of being the pitcher he was in 2007. Maybe his marriage in the offseason and the birth of his daughter had something to do with that. But we didn’t see much of Cla this season. He only pitched in 35 games with an ERA of 4.17.

And so, he was traded on Sunday for that Salazar dude. The Padres probably brought in Salazar since Edgar Gonzalez went on the DL on Monday.

Now, the personal side. When my sister found out that the Padres had traded Cla (I was the one who had to tell her the bad news), she slammed the door in my face. She was very upset, since Cla was her favorite player. Trading players is a part of the game, but that’s what’s turned my sister away from the Padres.

Marcus Giles used to be her favorite player, and when the Padres let him walk after the 2007 season, she walked away with him. Now, she totally hates the Padres. And that’s a big bummer for me, though I’m not too big on the Padres right now either. I thought she was starting to come back, but it wasn’t meant to be.

And so, that is the sad, sad tale of the trade of Cla Meredith. If you’re wondering why I am not writing about the Padres, it’s because they lost last night and are now on a three-game losing streak with no signs of breaking out of it. This team cannot win, but worst of all, they cannot act like a team. They can’t even pretend. And I can’t support a team like that.

By the way, the photo above was taken by my sister on Saturday night. She’s going to treasure that one forever 🙂

Poor Cla. Hope you do well in Baltimore!!

Oh, and Jordin Sparks’ new CD is incredible. 

The Padres are playing again tonight, but guess who’s not going to be listening…

And guess who’s going to get swept…

I’m going on vacation next week.

clameredithpitching.jpgAnyways, GO PADRES!!!



  1. Kylie

    Oh, the Claw. I became a huge fan when I saw him pitch against the Astros and they could not figure out his strange delivery.
    I’m sorry y’all have had such a hard time with trading players. I know how that is. The Astros now have three (I believe) players left from 2005, and Luke Scott, my favorite, was traded before the 2008 season. He, coincidentally, is now an Oriole. Maybe we’ll all have to get together and wear orange one day.
    ♥ Kylie —

  2. irishsoxkid19

    I feel your pain. Cla was a big part of the Sox before being traded. I thought at the time it would be good for him to pitch for the Padres. As for your sister, I hope she gets though it. My sister did the same thing after Coco got traded. Now, she’s all over Jacoby Ellsbury. As for the losing streak, yeah, since the break the Sox are 1-4. Clay Buchholz is their only hope at this point before I throw a fit!! Not literally.

  3. crazy19canuck

    On the up side, you have a vacation coming! That should make you feel better! It’s a bummer when trades happen to your favorite player. Then you have the whole decision on cheering for his new team, or staying with the old one, and just keeping tabs on him. I’ll be up the creek too if the Rays ever trade Kazmir or Longoria. I’d probably be like your sister for awhile. Hopefully, the doors in your house are strong.

  4. ohy22xd

    This is the perfect time to blame our lame front office again. We loved Cla as a Padre and he has been a big help for this team. I just want to thank him and wish him luck in Baltimore. This trade is just as bad as losing Scott Hairston AND Jody Gerut this season. Well, Tony is doing great so that’s a good sign.

  5. 23gonzalez

    OK, So you want to leave the Padres’ fanhood again. Some people don’t realize that the Padres are in a rebuilding mode. The Padres had NO NEED whatsoever for Cla, and they needed a bench player that could HIT. They had to get rid of somebody to get Salazar. Just think, Cla can get into a lot more games in Baltimore than in San Diego.

  6. heartruss

    Sorry. I know how you are feeling about your Padres. Last year the Dodgers were in a horrible slump, a long losing streak. They were many games under .500. Then things changed.
    I remember when they traded my all time favorite player Shawn Green to Arizona. He had hit 4 homeruns in one game. He was then traded to the Mets and now is retired. I followed him until he retired. I have many of his baseball cards, most autographed jersey and bat. I was very angry at the Dodger Organization. I now know that baseball is a business. Feelings are not part of the trading process. It doesn’t matter if the player is a fan favorite. The Dodgers traded Mike Piazza and Paul LoDuca, both huge favorties.
    Think of the positive. You are going on vacation. Take a lot of pictures and post them here on your blog so we know you are doing ok.
    II will still root for your Padres while you are gone.

  7. juliasrants

    Enjoy your vacation! It is tough when your favorite players get traded. 5 years ago when we traded Nomar – my youngest son for his 7th birthday had finally got a replica Nomar game jersey and not 2 months later, he was traded. When Nomar was in town a few weeks ago, he actually talked about his Nomar shirt.


  8. raysfanboy

    I’m so sad for you. And sad for your sis! I know exactly what you guys are going through, though. The Rays were horrible and then they would trade every guy who got good. Fred McGriff. Gone. Aubrey Huff. Gone. Victor Zambrano. Gone. But each trade helped to get the Rays to the World Series, so I forgive the Rays for getting rid of all my fave players.

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