Cool of the Night

HeatExhaustion.gifThis is me. Well, obviously not, but it shows how I’ve been feeling in the past few days. It’s 100 degrees here, and when it’s this hot, life is miserable. Yesterday, we didn’t do anything except lie around and watch Star Trek. No joke. We don’t have AC, so it’s even worse. It’s too hot to do anything really, even get on the computer. So, I’m sure you can forgive me if I’m not too motivated to write about the Padres, especially since they are a terrible, terrible team who needs a lot of help.

But you know the greatest part of living in San Diego is the coolness of the night. No matter how hot it gets during the day, no matter how much you sweat or how many episodes of Star Trek you watch (seriously, in this weather, we could be running movie marathons day after day!), the night always brings coolness. It’s a huge blessing. Last night, my sister and I went outside and laid on the trampoline and stared at the stars. After about and hour and a half, we were getting too cold to stay outside. How unbelieveable is that? During the day, we were too hot to move, but last night, we were so cold it was a relief to go into the stuffy house.

It’s amazing. During these rough hot days when I feel like I’m going to die of heat, I just have to remember the night. There is hope. And before we know it, it’s going to be fall, winter, already. We’ll be reveling in cold weather for weeks on end. The seasons really do change so quickly.

There is hope, Padres fans. Last night, we saw Tim Stauffer throw his second quality start in a row. I don’t think we’ve ever seen him do that. He’s been so terrible for the past few years, going up and down, and dealing with injuries and surgery. Now look at him. He’s pitched better than any starter this year. Maybe he’s finally, finally coming around. Maybe he’ll help this team. Maybe he’s finally a quality starting pitcher, one who will help us win. We’ve been waiting for him for a long time, and I’m sure we’ve given up on him too, but look at him. This guy is pitching amazingly!

And Everth Cabrera. This guy is going out there every single night and playing his best. Sure, maybe he’s going through a little hitting slump, but we know the guy can hit. And don’t forget that this is his first season above Single-A. The guy still has a lot to learn. We’re going to have to be patient with him. But he will get better. He has no where to go but up. In my opinion, he’s going to become the best shortstop in Padres history. It’s not going to happen overnight. As long as we can hold on to him and he can stay healthy, he’s going to be great. He’s going to be a player worth coming out to the ballpark to see.

Padres fans, we may be going through a firestorm right now, but I can feel a hint of a cool breeze breaking through. There will be relief from this mess. And someday, we will be the ones turning on the heat against our opponents. I know it doesn’t look like it now, oh believe me, I know that this team is pathetic. The cool of night is coming. But you have to persevere through the heat of the day first.

lemonade.jpg Oh man, my sister is making lemonade right now. See? I told you there’s hope for this day 🙂




  1. Kylie

    I went outside, picked lemons and made lemonade yesterday! Note to self: peel the lemons and throw them in the blender. Much easier than squeezing them by hand.
    You rock at metaphors.
    ♥ Kylie —

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