2009 All-Star Game

First of all, what a great event this year! From the Home Run Derby, to pre-game ceremonies, to the game itself, the All-Star game was a really great event this year. The whole energy coming from St. Louis was amazing.

In the top of the first, Tim Lincecum gave up two runs, but only one earned. Albert Pujols, of all people, had a error!

In the bottom of the second, the NL got three runs, but only two earned. Josh Hamilton made an error.

The game stayed at 3-2 until the fifth, when the AL tied it up at three.

Trevor Hoffman threw the sixth inning. Three years ago, he had given up the winning run to Josh Hamilton. This time, Hamilton grounded into a double play against him. That’s gotta feel good for Trevor. I’m so glad he had a good outing, and I miss him like crazy!!

Adrian came into the game in the top of the seventh. He made a couple plays at first, and in his only at-bat, he walked.

Heath Bell pitched the top of the eighth and gave up the winning run. He allowed a triple, an intentional walk, and a sac-fly.

I feel really bad for Heath, but you know, this game doesn’t really matter. The Padres aren’t going to the World Series.

Did you know that Padres pitchers have lost three out of the last four All-Star games? My goodness. Trevor lost in 2006, Chris Young in 2007, and Heath Bell in 2009. But it’s not suprising, since the Padres are just killed by the American League, anytime, anywhere.

I can’t say that it was entirely Heath’s fault though. I mean, what was Pujols doing making an error in the first? That’s just wrong. The defense behind Heath wasn’t the greatest. And, Heath was working with a catcher that’s he’s probably never worked with, and I’d say that that definitely has something to do with it. He threw well, and I’m very pleased with our All-Star.

I watched a bunch of his interviews over the past few days, and he’s just sooo funny!! The guy had a ton of fun during this whole event, and he’s never going to forget this.

Adrian, I think, was very tired through this whole thing. They had a rough trip to get to St. Louis, and come on, Adrian’s played in every single game for the Padres this season. The guy’s gotta be very tired. I hope he can get back to San Diego soon and take a nice, long nap today. Poor guy.

So overall, it was a great event, even though the AL came out on top again. Man, this is turning into a big joke!! The American League is superior. I think that was proved a loooong time ago. The AL is like 12-0-1 in the last 13 All-Star games!!

The Padres will be playing four games against the Rockies starting tomorrow night. And we’re going to be at home!! The team hasn’t been at home since…well, it was only a week and a half ago, but it feels so much longer!! It’s going to be amazing to be home, and I’m going to be there on Saturday!!



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