Slump-Busting Time!!

Last night’s game was not good. Tim Lincecum. Yeah, enough said.

But, what is also not good is that the Padres are in a terrible slump right now. They have lost five games in a row with no signs of stopping. Now that is a problem.

Time to get out the old restrictions.

First off, since we are in San Francisco, during batting practice every player must try to hit at least one ball into the bay.


Speaking of batting practice, I think our guys should take extra extra batting practice today. Indoor, outdoor, underground, anywhere. BATTING PRACTICE!!

 (and yes, those are kids)

You guys seem to have been a little slow lately. Maybe we should cut out on the baked goods?


So, cut out on the donuts and take a ton of batting practice? Is that enough for today? Almost…

sand uniforms.gif


Josh Banks is pitching tonight in the second game of this four-game series as the Padres go for their first win of the week.





  1. Fenway Bleacher Creature

    Lincecum was bad news last night, but I agree: with a little extra BP these guys are gonna be in good shape for today. And, of course, cutting back on the baked goods!
    Nice post!


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