I’m blaming this one on Roy Oswalt.

roy oswalt.jpgI bet Jake Peavy was going crazy in the dugout. Sitting there on the bench with his ankle in a cast, he was probably itching to be out there, knowing that he should be the one on the mound pitching against his buddy. He must have been ragging on Roy all night after the game over the phone, but what Oswalt did to the Padres was no laughing matter. It was amazing.

Roy pitched the whole game, allowing two hits and one run. That run came in on a wild pitch. That just goes to show how good he was. Man, TWO hits?? Goodness. We were utterly shut down. Roy had a excellent outing.

On the Padres side, Josh Geer wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t good enough. He threw seven innings, allowing three runs on seven hits. He didn’t walk a batter though, which was great.

Greg Burke and Cla Meredith each threw a scoreless inning.

But the game ended with a 3-1 Astros score. It should be said, though, that the Padres hit some balls really well, but were robbed by some great defense. 

And so, we lost. We are now 15 games behind the Dodgers, by the way. We gained a couple games over the weekend, but those Dodgers keep winning and winning. And watch out – the Manny is coming back this weekend against the Padres. I think we may have a sold-out weekend…

Just because you wanted to know, Kouz is slightly growing out his beard right now and IT LOOKS AMAZING!!!  AHHHHH!! I love it when he does that. He doesn’t look that great clean-shaven. He looks so great with a beard!! But of course, he looks great all the time 😀

Well, Josh Banks is going to start against Mike Hampton. Banks hasn’t started for us a while, but I’m pretty sure he started last year. I’m not sure how well he did, but he must have had some decent outings. It will be very interesting to see how he does.



  1. heartruss

    Kaybee, the Dodgers and Padres always have good games. The standings could change anytime, the season is only half over. Manny will be back but the guys did well without him too. Are you going to any of the games? I would have loved to be in San Diego for Manny’s first game but family commitments.
    Julia!!! Beat the Dodgers??? At least wish us luck. After getting beat by the other Sox and the Mariners, and then the 13 inning game last night agaiinst the Rockies, you never know what will happen next!

  2. kingmansperformance

    >I think we may have a sold-out weekend…>>

    Yes, you may, and it will be mostly because of Dodger fans. We will be there in large numbers whether we win or lose and even if Manny wasn’t there. For me I will be a part of a group from a message board that has people flying in from the East Coast as well as up and down the West Coast. Some will bring their families and others among us are coming alone. We will have some veterans just returned from Iraq among them too. Some will meet people we haven’t met before. For me this is the 3rd year I’ve done this group trip and I am really looking forward to it. I hope we will see some good games there at Petco. But our rivals the Giants are breathing down our backs, and they will be your biggest fans this weekend. I never take the Padres lightly, and I could never hate them like I do the Giants. So it will hopefully be a good series this weekend. See you at Petco.

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