Almost Had It

Three-run homers are one of the most dreaded hits in baseball when they are hit against your team. Three runs is a lot, and to be able to get that many runs in one swing is a huge advantage for the team who hit it.

Last night, Josh Geer had a great outing, but his night was ruined by one swing: a three-run homer by Russell Branyan.


Josh threw well. He went six innings, allowing only those three runs from the homer, with three walks and three strikeouts.

Mike Adams threw a scoreless inning. But Edward Mujica took a tied game and gave it away. He allowed Franklin Gutierrez’s seventh homer of the season to give the Mariners the lead. Gutierrez has hit four home runs against the Padres!! Crazy. 

In the top of the second, the Padres got on the board thanks to my boy, Kevin Kouzmanoff! He hit his tenth homer of the season, a two-run blast that went 414 feet!!

kooz homer.jpg
Good job, Koozie 🙂

That gave the Padres a 2-0 lead. But the Mariners came back with the Russell homer. 

In the fifth, Tony Gwynn drove in Will Venable to tie the game. But then Mujica gave up the home run, and that was that. We lost 4-3. 

Scott Hairston threw out a runner at home, which was really cool. All of our hitters had one hit except Chase Headley and Scotty. We played well, but we didn’t get enough. 

But I am very pleased with the way the Padres have been playing in the last two games. I mean, this is more like it. This is what I’m used to; the Padres win the first game, the opposing team wins the second game, and then the Padres win the rubber game and the series. 

In 2007, that’s what I could expect from the team every series. I always knew they could win two out of three, and it seemed like they followed a certain pattern. I haven’t been able to expect that for a long time, so this feels really good. I just hope they can stick to the plan. 

Today Wade LeBlanc is pitching against Jarrod Washburn. LeBlanc was OK in his first start of the season last Friday, but he needs to go deeper into the game today. We really really need that from him. It’s a day game, so that will be cool. Let’s get this boys!!

I wanted to give a quick update on Trevor, since I haven’t in a while. Trevor had 17 saves in 18 opportunities this season (Heath has 20. HA!). He’s been good with the Brewers, and I really am happy for him, in a sad way. I’m glad that he’s having a good season, and that he’s healthy. And I still really really hope he comes back for at least a few games next season. We’ve got to get him back in a Padres uniform. We miss you Trevor!!




  1. 23gonzalez

    Hey Kaybee
    It should be interesting to see how LeBlanc does. I hope Trevor continues his success with the Brewers. I only hope Heath Bell has more saves though ;). Anyways, we need to win today!!!!!! Go Padres!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ohy22xd

    What a tough game last night! It was so close too. Kouz is just on fire so I give him props. I’m hoping Wade LeBlanc will give his best shot this afternoon. TREVOR!! Man, I still miss him 😦 Best of luck to him.

  3. crzblue2

    a three run homer hit against your team is better than 6 homeruns hit against your team. I could not believe my boys gave up that many homeruns.
    Are you ready for the circus arrival on July 3rd?

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