We Pulled It Off – Barely!!

Oh boy. What a game.

If you love those suspensive, nail-biting, ain’t-over-til-it’s-over type of games, you would have loved last night’s game between the Padres and the Mariniers.

Take the second inning, for instance. Starting pitcher Chad Gaudin allowed three straight singles with no outs. He walked a batter to drive in the first run of the game. And he got out of the inning with no further damage, against Ichiro for goodness sakes!!

Take the ninth innning. In the eighth, the Mariners got four runs off of Greg Burke to make a seemingly safe lead of 9-2 suddenly very close at 9-6. Heath Bell came in to save the game. He gave up a run and had the potential winning run at the plate. It was so stressing!! But he pulled it out, and he got his 20th save.

In the fourth inning, Adrian hit his 24th homer of the season to give the Padres a 2-1 lead. We got two more runs in the fifth. Henry Blanco doubled and Everth Cabrera drove him in with a single. Then, with David Eckstein batting, Everth stole second AND third. Eck drove him in with a single.

In the sixth, we got five runs. Kouz hit a single and Chase Headley ground-rule doubled. Two walks, three singles, and a sac-fly later, we had a 9-1 lead.

In the bottom of the sixth, Ken Griffey Jr. hit a homer, but Chad Gaudin was cruising. After that scary second, he really settled down. He threw seven innings, allowing four hit and two runs, striking out 11. Definitely his best outing of the year, and maybe his career. Hey, look!! Our starting pitching is getting better!!

chad gaudin.jpgBut the bullpen was not that great last night. Greg Burke allowed four runs to get the Mariners back into the game, and Heath was this close to losing it. Man.

I was listening to the game on my Walkman and I was pretty much falling asleep. Celebrating a blog’s birthday is really tiring!! I was very relaxed…until the ninth. I was still slightly sleeping during the ninth, but I was alert. Goodness. It was so crazy!! I was so relieved when we pulled it off though. I mean, I shouldn’t have to worry when we have nine runs on the board!!

But it was a great game. Our hitting was great, and I think a lot of that was thanks to Scott Hairston, just off the DL. He had two hits and provided protection for Adrian. Welcome back Scott!! We missed you a lot!!

scotty.jpgDavid Eckstein, who has been so solid, had three hits. Kouz, Headley, and Everth had two hits each. Kyle Blanks was DH. He got a walk, but has still to get his first major league hit.

As I mentioned, Heath got his 20th save. I think that’s gotta be leading the majors!! Yeah Heath!!

Well, it was great to get that first win in an interleague series. I really hope the starting pitching can keep going as good as it has been. Hey, we’re on a two-game winning streak!!

I wanted to thank you all for the great comments on my blog’s birthday entry. That was so much fun to read all the comments on a very special day for my blog. You guys are amazing!! Well, here I go into my second year of blogging!!

Tonight is Josh Geer against Brandon Morrow. Geer was pretty good in his last start, so hopefully he will be able to throw a great outing tonight. We need the win!!




  1. ohy22xd

    What a great game. But we could’ve won by seven runs! Oh well. If it’s a win, I’ll take it 🙂 Don’t you think Chad Guadin is starting to perform like Kevin Correia? Correia has been outstanding on the mound. I’m glad Eck had a great game! We need to pull off with a win today against those Mariners.

  2. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    I’m sure I know exactly what you were feeling when Heath gave up a run and had the winning run at the plate since Bobby Jenks gives me that feeling a lot. I still love him though. 🙂 And because I was curious, Heath is tied with Brian Fuentes for most saves in the Majors right now. 🙂 I’m a dork, I know hahaha!

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