Battle All The Way

Last night was not a great night for the Padres. Or their fans.

Last night, we played well. But of course, the reliever who has been so solid fell apart, just when you needed him the most. One of the most reliable hitters in the lineup who seems to get it done every time, grounded into a double play, just when you needed him the most. That’s baseball for you. This game was made to drive you nuts and break your heart.

We got a run each in the second, third, and fourth. Chase Headley hit his 6th homer of the season in the second. In the third, Tony Gywnn tripled and David Eckstein gounded-out him in. In the fourth, we added on with a David Eckstein single.  

Wade LeBlanc, rookie, started for the Padres. He threw three innings, giving up three runs. He looked pretty good for the first three innings, but then gave up three runs in the top of the fourth. He loaded the bases with a single and two walks, then hit Jason Giambi to force in Oakland’s first run.

wade.jpgAfter replacing LeBlanc with Josh Banks, the A’s hit two consecutive sac-flies to tie the game. That inning could have been a lot worse, since it was bases loaded with no outs. Good job Josh!

In the bottom of the sixth, we had two runners on with one out when the A’s intentionally walked Adrian Gonzalez to get to, you guessed it, Kevin Kouzmanoff. Ha! When will these people learn? You can’t mess with the Kouz!

I really don’t see the logic. Not really. Sure, Kouz isn’t as great of a hitter as Adrian, but he’s been really hot lately. Hello?? You don’t want to pitch to Kouz, either, man.

As I watched the Gameday, I was silently begging my boy to make them pay for that. Hey, bases loaded, one out, why not?

So, he hit a two-run single!! Good for my boy. That broke the tie and gave us a 5-3 lead.

cab eck.jpgJosh Banks threw three innings, giving up two hits. That was really cool. Mike Adams also threw a scoreless inning, which was great.

But then in the eighth, Edward Mujica came in, and had a terrible 0.2 innings. I was feeling really good about this game so far. I mean, we had a two run lead, and with this Padres bullpen, I was pretty confident that we would pull out with this.

Spoke too soon.

In the eighth, the A’s scored three runs to take the lead. It was not good. Mujica has been so solid, but he had a bad outing at a bad time.

In the bottom of the eighth, Tony Gwynn started the inning with a single, but Eck grounded into a double play. That was that. Kouz got a single, but we were done.

In the top of the ninth, Joe Thatcher allowed a run. Just what the A’s needed.

In the bottom of the ninth, Will Venable walked, but that was that. The game went to the A’s, 7-5.

Very frustrating. We should have won that. The offense could have been better, and the pitching could have been a lot better.

Tony Gwynn had three hits. This guy has been amazing! Kouz had two hits, and newly called up catcher Eliezar Alfonso had two hits. Adrian had one hit, but he got walked FOUR times. Yikes.  

So, the Padres lost yet another interleague game. There were only 20,000 or so fans out there last night. This team has got to get it going, or else the fans are going to drift away.

I was pretty upset about this game because a close friend of mine is cheering for the A’s. Now, I’m not entirely sure why he’s cheering for the A’s (he’s a Padres fan most of the time), but I think it’s because he played for the A’s in Little League. So naturally, when a close friend is cheering for the opposing team, you pull a little harder for your team to win. I was feeling pretty good about the game, thinking of the bragging rights I would have, but then the Padres went and ruined it for me.

We’re having fun with it though, and guess what my friend? You may have had victory last night, but you’d better enjoy it while you can. These Padres are going to come roaring right back!! GAME ON!!

The Padres made a ton of moves yesterday. I’d say the biggest was the major-league debut of Kyle Blanks. Padres fans have been waiting for this guy for a very long time. He’s going to be good with us.

Everth Cabrera was activated off the DL. He played shortstop and did extremely well. He also batted ninth. Yep, you heard that right. The Padres had never batted a pitcher eighth before, but they did it last night. Very cool.

cabrera.jpgWe got rid of Josh Wilson and Arturo Lopez. Nick Hundley and Cliff Floyd went on the DL.  

Tonight the Padres are playing the A’s again. Walter Silva will be pitching against a rookie who has not been very good lately. Yay!! Just makes it all the easier for the Padres to WIN!!

GO PADRES!!! BEAT A’s!!!!!!!! 


  1. ohy22xd

    We totally should’ve won. It’s unfortunate that the bullpen couldn’t hold onto the lead. The double play that Eck grounded made a difference in the game too. Kouz is doing a fantastic job and just turned things around. I can’t wait to see what Everth Cabrera and Kyle Blanks will do for the team! Especially Cabrera for me. Well, we need a win tonight. Go Padres!

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