Shut Out

Last night was a pitcher’s duel.

Correia vs. Hernandez.

Hernandez you can understand. He’s the Mariner’s ace, so you expected a good outing from him.

But Correia has been a surprise. He hasn’t had that many really bad outings this season. He’s actually been the most consistent pitcher on the Padres staff.

Both of these guys were great from the very beginning. Correia threw eight innings, allowing only two hits, but both of those hits were solo homers. He didn’t walk anyone while striking out five.

Hernandez didn’t give up anything. He gave up a single to Kouz, a single to Tony Gwynn, and four walks, but that was it. He was very sharp, and he was mowing, getting six strikeouts. He ended up throwing a complete-game shutout.

In the top of the ninth, Mike Adams came in to try to shut down the Mariners and keep the game 2-0. Well, he didn’t. He gave up three runs on one hit and two walks. Not good! Eckstrom came in to get the last out in the inning, but the damage was done. The Mariners took the first game of the series, 5-0.

I mean, Correia pitched excellently. But his offense couldn’t do anything against Hernandez, and that was that.

I’d say that on the offensive side, Kouz had the best night. He got a hit, and he got HBP, and he got walked. And he played very well defensively, as always 🙂

kouz catching.jpgHaha, he looks like a penguin!!

The Padres signed Brian Lawrence yesterday to a Minor League contract. This guy was with us a long time ago, and it would be really interesting if he comes up to pitch with the big-league team, which he most likely will do. Pretty cool…

There were also some moves made yesterday. The second part of the Khalil Greene trade, Luke Gregerson, was put on the DL to join the first part. Not good. We called up pitchers Josh Banks and Mike Eckstrom. Hopefully they will be able to pitch well for us.

Also, sounds like Chris Young is having some shoulder problems. That would definitely explain his bad starts lately. I hope he will get better soon!!

I think we’re going to call up some guys to make a few starts here. Banks might sometime in the next week, but we might need one more guy. Maybe Mat Latos…

Well, tonight Chad Gaudin is pitching against Garrett Olson. We need this win, boys!! Let’s get it!!



  1. ohy22xd

    What a terrible game last night! Kevin Correia looked great but there was no run support for him so we had to lose. We can’t play like this. We just can’t. I’m worried about Chad Guadin right now. It’s scary, really, to watch him pitch and that is not good. Kouz is playing very well but not Eck 😦 Our boys definitely need to get a win tonight or I will be very sad!

  2. heartruss

    Hi Kaybee, hope your summer is going well. How is your brother doiing? Your Padres will pick up the pieces and start winning.. Last season the Dodgers were in a horrible slump with a goal of just reaching .500 and they went on to win the Western Diivision. You never know what happens.

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