Heading For the Cellar

You know what I did this weekend?

I didn’t listen to the three miserable Padres games against the Angels.

Of course, I did listen to parts of it, and followed it a little on Gameday, but overall, I stayed away from listening to the whole game and feel so much better for it.

And very detached from my Padres.

It’s not like these three games were worth listening to anyways. We got swept, and we were overmatch, outhit, and outpitched. The Angels won the first game 11-6, the second 9-1, and the third 6-0. We caught them at a bad, bad time. Or else we were the ones who turned them on.

Let’s take a look at the starting pitching, which was horrible. Atrocious. On Friday, Chad Gaudin threw three innings, giving up 10 hits and eight runs. THREE INNINGS!!!

On Saturday, it should have been Jake Peavy out there throwing a gem. Instead, it was Josh Geer out there throwing away the game. He went 5.2 innings, but gave up seven runs on nine hits.

On Sunday, Chris Young did not have it. And when I say did not have it, he did not have it. He looked like an 8-year-old out there. Of course, a 6-foot-10 8-year-old, but seriously. He could not find the plate. He just could not find it. He was done after 2.1 innings. He gave up five runs and five walks. At one point he gave up four walks in a row…with two outs!! AHHHHHH!!!

Now, the bullpen wasn’t that great either. And so, in this weekend of miserablities, we must find some things to be positive about. Like Kouz 🙂

My boy is really, really hot. He had four hits in the series, including two home runs. He also made some beautiful defensive plays.

kouz tagging.jpg


kouz and luis.jpg
And Adrian got three hits yesterday. That was very, very good. Sure, it didn’t help any, since we got five hits total, but I know it was great for him to get that chance to swing the bat and get on base.

We were simply outmatched, man. The Angels’ pitching was overpowering, and we could barely dent it. I hate it when teams get really hot right when we play them, but that’s baseball. Now, we’re heading for the cellar. Colorado and their 11-game winning streak has overtaken us by a lot, and now we’re in fourth place, 13 games behind. Groan.

I think we will still be able to make a run, but we have got to get winning. Interleague absolutely kills us, man. This team and these fans need some big interleague wins. We need this. We have never been good in it, so we need to change that right here right now.

We’ve got an off-day today. That’s good. The pitchers need to rest, take care of their arms, and think “strikes”. The batters need to rest for a while, but then hit the batting cages and study the pitchers ahead very, very closely. We’re going to be home for the next six games, so take advantage of that. Get out there, fight, and win. I know you can do that. I know this team can win!! I’ve seen it so many times this year. But you have to get it going. 

So, like I said, off-day today, and then we face the Mariners for three and the A’s for three. Oh joy. Then we go on the road to face Seattle and Texas. Oh joy oh joy oh joy. Then we can be done with interleague!!

And boys, please, stay away from here. 



  1. ohy22xd

    Let me tell you the truth, I watched all three games but didn’t pay attention to all of them. It was so terrible to seeing them play against the Angels. The way our starting pitchers pitched was a joke. They lasted so little and the bullpen had to back them up longer than usual. Thank goodness today is an off-day and I am really hoping that our boys can turn it around at home against the Mariners. If Kevin Correia does the same thing when he pitched against the Dodgers, then we should be fine.

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