The End of a Season

I haven’t had a chance to fit this in all week, but I wanted to mention that my brother’s Pirates lost last Saturday and were eliminated. It was a very sad game, as the pitchers were struggling mightily. They lost 9-4.

They made a great run, and they really played well most of the season. It was so sad to just hear how quiet it was on our side of the dugout after the game. Sure, the parents were talking a little, congratulating the boys for a good season. But it was quiet. Sad.

I wasn’t that bummed out right after we lost, not until I saw my 10-year-old brother with tears in his eyes. That’s when it really hit me. We didn’t tease him, we were just quiet as we helped him with his stuff and started the long trek to the car. We passed the winning side, all the pround parents and players of the team that won as the coach made his victory speech. “I can’t say enough about the effort of these players this season, and now we’re going to the World Series…” (This team went on to win the World Series.) 

We slowly trudged by, burdened by loss as the other dugout was covered in smiles. They were going to the World Series. They were going to get to play another game. They were still running. We had hit the dust.

It was so sad, because we were just in that position the Tuesday before. We were the ones who won the game, we were the ones who were moving up. But then we got to experience the other side, the pain of losing, the sadness of being eliminated.

My brother later said that he kind of wanted to play more. That touched me, man. I guess he figured that they came so far, why not go all the way? If they had won that game, they would have gone to the World Series. They were so close.

I don’t know if my brother will ever play baseball again. Right now, it’s not looking very likely that he’ll play next year. I really hope he gets back into it, but we’ll have to see. But this season was very good for him. He learned a lot and he played fairly well. I’m just glad he had the experience of playing baseball, and who knows? He might get back into it eventually.

Well, there’s pretty much no Padres news today. I think that we had a very good draft this year, though. From what I’ve heard, we got some excellent players. That’s really exciting since I expect this team to get back into winning consistently in the next five years. Who knows, some of these guys might be ready in five years.

I would expect that the Padres will make a move soon, possibly before tonight’s game, to activate Luis Rodriguez. He’s been playing well for Lake Elsinore. He hit a homer in Wednesday’s game. I think he’s ready to come back, and I think us fans are ready for Josh Wilson to go bye-bye.

Tonight we are playing the Angels in our first interleague game of the season. I don’t really like interleague since the Padres have not done well with it in the past few years. I just hope we survive this.

Chad Gaudin will be starting tonight against Matt Palmer. Jake Peavy will go tomorrow, and Chris Young on Sunday, so you like your chances with the starting pitching. But will the hitters be able to hit? That is the question. I sure hope they do.



  1. juliasrants

    Kaybee, I am so sorry to hear about your brother’s team. Give him time to digest the lose. I bet after some time has passes he’ll want to play baseball again for the memory of it being fun will far outway the memory of the loss.


  2. heartruss

    Sorry about your brother’s loss but he is a winner. The team went so far!!! And then there is next time to look forward to. I was upset last year when my Dodgers got knocked out after winning the National League West. I already had World Series tickets! I comforted myself by saying there is always next year. Give your brother a high five anyway.

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