Oh No

jake sweaty.jpgJust found out that Jake’s going on the DL today. His ankle wasn’t healing up, so they got an MRI and it’s tendonitis. He hurt it running the bases about four starts ago, and apparently the three starts he made after that didn’t make it worse, though he was in a lot of pain. He’s going to be out for at least a month, probably plus some rehab starts.

This is a huge blow to the Padres and their fans. I mean HUGE. I haven’t really wrapped my mind about it, but all I can think about was last year when he got hurt. This is going to be devastating to our season. AHHHHHHHHH!! I just hope it’s not fatal to this team.

It’s going to be very hard without him, for the team and the fans. But thankfully they were able to catch it and he’ll be headed towards recovery.

Last night’s game was pretty terrible. The boys were battling, they were playing hard, but the pitching really fell apart.

Chad Gaudin had a miserable start. He went three innings, allowing 10 hits and eight runs. Edwin Moreno allowed two more, and later, Mike Adams gave them the icing on the cake.

We had 12 hits, which was great. Kouz, who is really really hot, had three hits, including a two-run homer. Cliff Floyd had a hit and a walk, which was great. Brian Giles had two hits to raise his average to .200. Tony Gwynn had a hit and two walks. Overall, great night for the offense, but like I said, the pitching just had a really bad night. It was not good.

Now we’re in fourth place in the NL West. The Rockies and their nine-game winning streak have overcome us. We’re 11 games behind with the Dodgers’ loss (WHOOHOOO!!). But we need to get winning if we expect to go anywhere.

Tonight is Josh Geer against Joe Saunders. We need to get this, boys. We NEED it!!!  



  1. cubsjunkie2

    I heard that he did it running the bases against the Cubs. I don’t even remember him wincing in pain or hurting himself..

    Kinda glad we didn’t pick him up now.

    But go padres! Hope you guys can pull through and win some games!!


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