It Was The Sand Uniforms…

…and those four homers hit off Chris Young, I guess. But mostly the sand. How many times do I have to tell the boys that those automatically make us LOSE?? Do you not understand the concept of burning them??

sand uniform.jpg

Ugh. It drives me nuts!! In the first inning, my boy Kouz hit a two-run single to give us the early lead.

But Chris Young gave up five runs, including four home runs. I’m telling you, CY has been struggling a lot lately, giving up like 10 home runs in his last six starts. It’s terrible. 

We got a couple more runs later in the game, including a RBI single by David Eckstein, but thanks to the sand, things weren’t really clicking for us. The bullpen was OK. Edwin Moreno, Mike Adams, and Cla Meredith pitched, allowing five hits and a run. 

Without good pitching, you can’t win. So true. CY only went five innings. These starters have got to go deeper into ballgames. I’m sorry, but it’s gotta happen. We need that depth from our starters!

Tony Gwynn and Eck at the top of the lineup had great nights. Tony is really hot right now. He got three hits and a walk last night to raise his average to .352. Eck had three hits as well. 

Adrian got walked twice again. He’s not getting a chance at all. 

Nick Hundley got hit-by-pitch in the wrist and had to leave the game. Not good! It’s just day-to-day right now, so hopefully he will be OK.

The big first round of the draft was last night. Not surprisingly, Stephen Strasburg was drafted first by the Natinals. San Diegans are definitely excited about Stephen, and hopefully he will get traded to the Padres in the near future. Congrats, Stephen!

The Padres went third and picked Donavan Tate, a high-school outfielder who is apparently a five-tool player. He probably won’t make the majors for a long time, since he hasn’t had time in college, but hopefully he will be a future star for us. Congrats to Donavan!

Well, the finale of this two-game series against the Dodgers is tonight. Kevin Correia will be pitching against Clayton Kershaw. Good luck with that. But hey, our bats and arms might come out and we can get a win. 



  1. jonnnnnn

    You’re right. Nobody is having a better season than Adrian Gonzalez. Unfortunately, he plays in San Diego and nobody really thinks about him when they think of the best players in the league. That includes me too, I didn’t even think before I wrote Albert Pujols in there. haha. There’s no doubt Albert is a better player than Adrian, but I think you’re right, Adrian does deserve the starting job this year.

  2. heartruss

    Kaybee and Hyunyoung
    You are right about Adrian Gonzalez. He is amazing. I really felt sorry for Chris Young and his pitching. Our Chad had a hard time the first inning but found himself before it was too late. It helps the Dodgers that Andre Ethier is hot right now.
    Tonight is Dodger Lunch Bag Night. Maybe all you Padres fans could send your unwanted lunch bags my way. I”m in Virginia and am missing the game.

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