What a sloooooow off-day. Nothing happened at all in the Padres world, except more talking about how amazing Adrian is. He’s seriously the most underrated player in baseball, but we know how good he is. We know that he needs to get to the All-Star game.

This Saturday is a big Adrian night. It’s called “Swing the Vote” night, and I think you can get a discounted ticket and sit there voting for the whole game. Something like that. The giveaway is going to be Adrian Gonzalez figurines, which Adrian says is a bit of the whole team. Kouz’s body shape, Edgar’s leg guard, Eck’s batting, Adrian’s goatee. I would be very interested in getting my hands on one of these figurines. Hmmm…maybe the thrift store in a few weeks!

figurinne.jpgAdrian is now fifth in the top five for first basemen, but he’s still woefully behind in the amount of votes. I’ve voted as much as I possibly can, and it’s driving me nuts that I can’t do more. Hey, maybe I can convince my sister to let me use her email address to get more votes for Adrian!

I really want this guy to get into the All-Star game by votes from the fans. Sure, he’s going to be in the game, but I don’t want him to be a bench player who comes into the game near the end. He deserves to be the starting first baseman. We really do need to swing the vote! This guy has been so amazing for us this season. Plus, he’s leading the majors in home runs. Ahem!! This guy needs to be voted into the game!!

adrian gonzalez.jpgOK, well first things first. The Padres have a huge four game series this weekend against the Diamondbacks. Chad Gaudin is starting tonight against Doug Davis. Good luck with that. HA! Well, maybe our bats will wake up and we can have a great game. 

Continue to get well soon, Jake and Scotty!!


(photo credits:, Donald Miralle/Getty Images North America)  



  1. katies

    Wow, that’s really cool that they’re having a whole game to vote! Good luck to him! I’ve been voting for Howard but Gonzalez is certainly worthy. He is GOOD!!! It’s hard when all it is is a popularity contest and people don’t always look at the stats. But good luck with getting him in!! =)

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