It’s On

The Padres, huh? Well, let’s just say that I am not happy with them right now. Not happy at all. First of all, Jake only went one inning, giving up four runs and two walks. Turns out he has the flu, and he really did look sick out there.

get well soon.jpg

I feel so bad for him. Plus, he got the loss! That’s terrible. Yes, we lost. 10-5. It was so nasty.

Once Jake left, it was bullpen-imploding galore. Buddy put Josh Geer, who usually starts in the game in the hope that he would be a long reliever. No such luck. He only went one inning, giving up two runs.

Next was Luis Perdomo, who hadn’t pitching in forever! I forgot that he was in the bullpen, because seriously, he hadn’t pitched since May 16th!! He threw four innings, but gave up two runs. Joe Thatcher finally gave up two runs (NOOOO!! Sent him to Single-Single-A right now!!!). Cla Meredith threw two scoreless innings though.

Scott Hairston strained his left bicep. That sounds really weird. Like he was busy flexing in the outfield and suddenly strained his arm from looking at those beefy muscles. Hahaha. But it’s not really that funny. Scotty’s been incredible for us lately, and it always seems that he gets hurt when he’s really going. I feel so sad for him!!

get well soon.jpg

Adrian hit his 22nd homer of the season, Edgar got a couple hits, Chase had a two-RBI single. And…Blanco had two hits.

Well, that’s enough of that. On to the more important stuff!

Last night, I watched one of the most incredible baseball games I have ever seen.

It was my brother’s second game of the playoffs – they won the first one on Saturday. It’s sudden death, so the Pirates already sent one team home. They played the Cardinals last night, the #1 seed.

In the top of the first, the Pirates got three runs with two outs on four hits and a walk. The Cardinals got one back in the bottom of the inning, but nobody scored again until the fourth inning, where the Pirates got one.

In the top of the fifth, my brother got hit-by-pitch. It was kind of scary, because it got him pretty bad on the arm and he’s my brother! He’s been hit three times this season, and that was definitely the worst. But he was fine and went to first. The next two batters struck out, then the one after that hit a ball right in beween first and second. My brother was running to second, and he ran into the ball. Oh well…

In the bottom of the fifth, things got hairy. The Cardinals got two runs to make the score 4-3 Pirates. For the first time that night, I thought we might actually lose. I didn’t want to lose!

So naturally, we needed more insurance. How’s 11 runs? Enough? Yeah, I thought so too. We got six hits and six walks in the top of the sixth, plus two hit batters. We batted way around the order. Oh – and we got nine of the runs with two outs. It just kept going on and on. The pitcher was all over the place, walking a lot of runs in.

My brother got a two-run single with two outs. I was so proud!! I was really nervous because I thought he might be backing out of the box because of what happened the last time he was up there. I was silently begging him to, “Just stay in the box. Don’t be scared!!” I was also worried because I didn’t want him to be the one who killed the inning. But he came through big time. That was so great!! 

At one point I thought the inning was over because a batter had hit a ball and got “thrown out”. But the umpire called it foul. “Doesn’t anyone listen to me?” he exclaimed.

The energy in this inning was so amazing (that might have been the AMP. More on that later…). We had the best crowd of families that we’ve had all season. We were all into every pitch, cheering on our boys. It was amazing! We’ve never been that loud!

In the bottom of the inning, Pirates pitchers gave up four runs, but they finally closed it out. Everyone was extremely excited. They won 15-7!!! 

My brother got a game ball! I was so excited when he came out of the dugout!! This team has had an incredible season. They went 7-7 in the regular season, but they’re on fire right now. Next they’ll play on Saturday to see who goes to the World Series. That’s going to be an amazing game. I would say it would be great to just get there, but that would be a sight lie. I want to win it all!!

My brother was so cute. After the game, he said that he was cheering so hard that he was crying! I know exactly what he means since I do that regularly at Padres games. Ahem. Anyways, he’s got a beautiful game ball and a beautiful bruise. If he never plays baseball again, I think this season has been incredible for him. And it’s not over yet 🙂

Before the game, I tried sunflower seeds for the first time. Well, it actually wasn’t my first time. On Saturday, my sister had some and shared a couple with me. I mostly just chewed them up, and I couldn’t find any seed in it. So I tried again last night, and I am so hooked, man!

davidsunflowers.jpgThe seeds are amazing. You can just stick them in your mouth and almost unconciously work on them. I see now why a lot of baseball players love them. And seriously, the only proper place to eat them is at a baseball game. It’s just weird to be spitting anywhere else. And I love spitting. It’s kind of cool.

My 7-year old brother was really funny. He saw my sister with her seeds on Saturday, and he really really really wanted to try it. So we got a big bag yesterday before the game. During the game, he would sit there on the bleachers with his seeds, and when he would spit, he would spit the shells and a lot of saliva with it. The ground in front of him was very wet and covered it seeds. He’ll just have to work of that… 

I think I’ve finally found a baseball game food. Licorice is slightly weird. Peanuts…no way. But sunflower seeds, yes! I don’t know if I’ll do it at the game in July, though. I don’t know if I should be doing such a thing around all the rich people, haha!

amp-energy.jpgAlso, I had an energy drink for the first time last night. Yes, there were a lot of firsts last night! I had an AMP, and it was soooo good! It definitely gave me a lot of energy. I wonder if they sell energy drinks at the ballpark. That would be extremely useful. It’s not easy screaming your voice out and clapping your hands to blisters!!

It gave me so much energy that I couldn’t fall asleep until midnight. Hehehe…

This was the first song that my brother listened to when he got home. It’s on.


Some people call me an overacheiver
But I’m always a believer
It’s my time to shine
Here we go

It’s on, it’s on, it’s on, it’s on
It’s on, it’s on, it’s on, it’s on
C’mon, let’s roll
Everybody, yeah, here we go (here we go)
It’s on, it’s on, it’s on, it’s on
It’s on, it’s on, it’s on, it’s on
Right here and now
Everybody, it’s going down

I’ve been waiting for this moment
It’s time to throw down
I’ve been dreaming this dream forever
Now I know the time is right (It’s on)
Better make some room for me (It’s on)
Now I know it’s time to be
Better than I ever was
I don’t do it for the money
I do it for the love


I’ve got the answer
It’s beating in my heart
I’m gonna make it happen
There’s no way
I won’t tear this apart
I’m gonna show ’em what I got
I’m gonna give it everything
This is no joke I wrote
This is my destiny

One shot
One shot, you got
And if you don’t take it then
You’re always not – no!
It’s on
So let’s go
It’s on
Here we go

One chance
One chance to rise
You go get yours
And I’ll go get mine
It’s on, it’s on


Show ’em what you’re worth
It’s been on since your date of birth
Why you here
Why you on this earth
If you can’t live your dream
Man, it’s gotta hurt

Chorus x2

It’s going down
It’s going down
Trust me from the depths of my soul (it’s going down)
I’m tellin’ you, it’s going down (it’s going down)
The moment now, it’s on (it’s going down)
I’m tellin’ you it’s going down (it’s going down)
The moment now, it’s on (it’s going down)


Tonight is Chris Young as the Padres try to salvage the last game of this series.


(photo credits:, Lyrics: “It’s On” Corbin Bleu,       



  1. rockymountainway

    Sunflower seeds are a nice alternative from time to time but I still love and mainly eat my pistachios even when I have to sneak them in to Minute Maid! Gotta have em what can I say. Be careful with those energy drinks : )

  2. juliasrants

    Kaybee – keep the sunflower seeds but DON”T DRINK THE ENERGY DRINKS!!!! They are really bad for you!! (Spoken like a true mom!!) Congrats to your brother’s team! And I know know what you mean about getting hit by balls. When my oldest son was in 6th grade, he got hit almost every game! While he didn’t like it, he wasn’t afraid to get hit and just stood there and took it; but as his mom, I cringed every time he came up to bat! I hope your brother’s team wins on Saturday!


  3. ohy22xd

    What a bad game last night. Poor Jake and Scotty 😦 I really hope they can get better soon! Congrats to your brother’s team. I am an energy drink addict. Since Julia is saying that it’s bad, I should stop 🙂 Chris needs to give his best shot tonight. Go Padres! Btw, I hope you had fun chatting with Heath!

  4. heartruss

    Your brother’s game sounded so exciting. Congratulations on his game ball!!
    I agree with not drinking those energy drinks. It turns people into hyper beings, sometimes scary.
    I totally have not figured out sunflower seeds. I can only eat one at a time which is a good way to lose weight, I suppose.
    I always look out for the Padres. They had a super winning streak going. After the all star break, it seems that everything changes.

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