Cloudy With a Chance of Sunshine


dark cloouds.jpgSan Diego got a few hours on sunshine yesterday, the first since Wednesday, but the sky quickly clouded over again.

Same thing happened with the Padres.

From the very beginning of the game, you could tell it was going to be a long one. Kevin Correia struggled, only throwing 4.1 innings while giving up four runs on 10 hits. He stuck out five but only walked one. He was just not on his game. That or the Phillies were really on their game. I can never figure that out. I think this time it was a combination of both.

The bullpen was fairly solid. Meredith, Thatcher, Gregerson and Burke pitched. Gregerson ran into a little trouble, giving the Phillies an insurance run.

The offense was OK. We had six hits. Adrian hit his major-league leading 21st home run. Scott Hairston hit his eighth. Adrian is on track to hit 65 this year! There’s not possible way he could do that at Petco, but that’s what he’s on track to hit! Wow.

The ninth was the worst part of the game. The score was 5-3 Phillies going into the bottom of the inning. As we’ve found out lately, these Padres don’t give up. They’re fighting back, picking away, and they just won’t go down easily. 

Adrian walked to start the inning. Scott Hairston flew out, just missing it.

scotty grim.jpgThen Brian Giles came to the plate. With a count of 1-0, a pitch got away from the catcher. Adrian, who is not the fleetest of foot, went for second. He slid in, the throw came in, and the umpire called him out. The look on Adrian’s face was just heartbreaking. Oh man. I have never seen him look like that. It could have been interepreted as “Do you know who I am? You just called the home run leader out!” But he was really thinking, “My team needs this run. How could you call me out and ruin our chances for winning??” 

adrian disbelief.jpgThis picture doesn’t fully show the look on Adrian’s face, but if you want to see it, watch the video .

Buddy came out to argue, and as the guys on the radio watched the replay, they realized that Adrian was slightly pushed off the bag by Jimmy Rollins and the umpire didn’t see it and thus was in no position to call it. Absolutely terrible. That was an essential run we needed on the bases, especially with only one out. I just put my head in my hands, like I’m sure many Padres fans did. I knew we were done. Sure enough, Brian popped out and that was it.

We lost pretty miserably. It was a long, long loss. Just terrible. This was one of those games you just want to forget.

Hopefully Jake will be able to help us erase those memories as he starts the second game against the Phillies tonight. Jake will be our sunshine after these dark cloudy days. I will probably miss the beginning of the game since I’ll be at my brother’s baseball game, but that’s OK. Maybe my boys can score some runs for Jake without me! Haha.

IMG_1239.JPG Oh, the dude who is pitching for the Phillies is going to be making his major league debut. How ’bout we, uh, welcome him to the big leagues, boys?


(photo credits: Sean M. Haffey/San Diego Union-Tribune,, me)   



  1. juliasrants

    Good luck to your brother’s team tonight! And is it just me, or does it seem like there have been a large number of bad calls made by umps so far this season? I hope it will be a sunny “day” for your guys!


  2. Jane Heller

    Up here in Santa Barbara we haven’t seen the sun for, like, a month. Thick marine layer every single day and it doesn’t burn off. But I can’t complain, because it keeps the wildfires away. Enjoy your brother’s game!

  3. heartruss

    Julia, you are right. The calls by the umps have been outrageous this season. Andre Ethier was hit by a pitch. The ball hit his foot. In fact the ball cracked his big toenail. The umpire did not even call it and it was very obvious. I happened to be sitting in the dugout section that day so I had a perfect view. During the Mets game where they had 5 errors, the third base umpire was slow in calling the fact that Church did not touch third base until Mark Loretta pointed it out. It’s no wonder that the players get so upset.
    Kaybee, your Padres are playing great baseball. Dodgers, watch out.

  4. iliveforthis

    Adrian Gonzalez’s face when he was called out looked so sad!! I’m with Julia that umpires seem to be making all kinds of ridiculous calls that are like, “WHAT?!?! How can you call that a strike?!” or “How can you call him safe?!” All kinds of ridiculous stuff going on.

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