One Loss Changes Everything

The Padres lost last night.

Time to press the panic button!

Just kidding, but it’s absolutely incredible how one loss can affect the morale of this die-hard fan.

I didn’t listen to the game; in fact, I haven’t listened to any part of a game since Tuesday night. But when I heard the score last night, my mood was instantly deflated. It was such a weird feeling. I was angry at the team and definitely disappointed. Later I found out the final score: 3-0. That made me even more bummed out. I knew we would probably only have a few hits.

I was probably bummed out mostly because of the simple fact that we lost. We just won a huge series in Arizona, and then we go to Colorado and lost the first game. Plus, it was a shut-out. That just doesn’t happen at Coors Field. I know we’re capable of winning the next two games, but that first loss was deflating.

The question is, why did we lose? Three reasons: we didn’t hit, we were in Colorado, and Kouz made an error.

Yes, my dear boy Koozie made an error that cost us two runs. It was a routine grounder that went right under his glove. It was terribly painful for me to watch. He was the last third baseman in all of baseball to have an error this season. His defense is definitely his best feature as a baseball player. I’m so proud of my boy for being as solid as he has been, but his error came at the wrong time.

kutie.jpgI just found this picture. SO CUTE!! 

Chris Young threw six innings, but only gave up one earned run. The other two were, of course, on Kouz’s error. We got six hits total in the game, but NO RUNS. The Rockies’ pitchers were so good. Tony Gwynn had two hits, but that about it.

Tonight is Josh Geer against Jason Hammel. The Padres need to get this win tonight. Just please, don’t wear the sand.


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