Seven in a Row

Last night, the Padres won their seventh game in a row.

You could tell from the very beginning that it was going to be a great game. The crowd of 27,260 was in it right away, and Jake Peavy, as a Padre, started it off with three strikeouts around two walks. It was great.

Jake threw six innings, giving up two hits and no runs, walking four and striking out 10 batters. He was definitely fired up, though after the game he said he was “emotionally drained”.

In the bottom of the first, we got our first run. This was Carlos Zambrano’s first start after being on the DL after a while, and he was not that sharp. We got the bases loaded against him in the bottom of the first, but we only got one run on a Brian Giles RBI sac-fly.

In the fifth, we got two more runs. Anthony Gywnn drove in Jake, who singled, and Brian Giles got a RBI single.

jake scores.jpgThe bullpen was great. Luke Gregerson and Edward Mujica were able to throw a combined 2.2 scoreless innings.

In the bottom of the seventh, Adrian Gonzalez hit his 16th homer of the season, a solo shot. That was really great for Adrian. He hadn’t had a homer in quite a while, like a week, so he needed it.

Heath Bell came into the top of the ninth after Mujica got the bases loaded. Mujica actually had an at-bat in the bottom of the eighth and got a hit! He must be talking to Jake.

Heath was able to close the game and keep the Cubs from scoring, getting his 12th save of the season.

It was a really great game. The pitching was fantastic, and we got just enough offense. That was actually our first shutout of the year.

David Eckstein got hit in the right upper chest/shoulder area in the first inning. He fell to the ground, in terrible pain. He got up and went to first, but was taken out of the game in the next inning. He has a “chest contusion” and will hopefully get better soon. This guy is one of the grittiest players in baseball, and the Padres really need him. He’s been beat up pretty bad in the last few games, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t in the lineup tonight. He needs a break.

It was a great game. My family just started getting a weekend subscription to the Union-Tribune, so it was a lot of fun to read about the game during breakfast this morning. Newspapers are amazing πŸ™‚

Tonight is Josh Geer against Randy Wells as the Padres go for a series win. It will be a very interesting game, but I think we can get #8. Why stop now? πŸ™‚


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  1. rockymountainway

    I hate to say it kaybee, but that whole Peavy thing just makes me think it is inevitbale now. He said for the “moment” San Diego is the best place for him. I don’t see him finishing the season as a Padre but glad your boys are putting the streak together. Makes the West more interesting.

  2. ohy22xd

    We are on a roll πŸ™‚ Let’s make it eight tonight! Yesterday’s game was great. But I was so mad when Zambrano hit my boy. Eck needs a break. He got hit on the rib before, shoulder and knee! It’s not suprising to see him out of the lineup. Hopefully he can get well very soon and go Padres!

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