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First off, I am super pumped and excited about the huge feature on the front page of MLBlogs for me and my blog. It was after the game yesterday afternoon when I randomly checked the front page, and it totally shocked me. And I mean shocked. I’ve been the featured blog before, but this was just amazing! Thanks so much to all you guys for reading and supporting me as I blog about these tough Padres. You guys are amazing. I’m just thankful that God’s given me the ability to write and that I can be in this great community of baseball fans. Thank you!

Yesterday, the Padres did not do too well. I had the radio on for almost the entire game, but I really didn’t catch much of it mostly because I was chatting with Jeff Moorad (more on that later). 

Kevin Correia started, giving up three runs in five innings. The big blast was a two-run homer to Chris Iannetta. The bullpen wasn’t that great. Cla Meredith gave up three runs. Arturo Lopez made his major league debut and didn’t get an out. Luis Perdomo and Edwin Moreno pitched well, but the damage was done by then.

On the offensive side, all you can say is Aaron Cook and Adrian Gonzalez. Cook absolutely shut us down. He basically didn’t allow anything until the seventh. Adrian hit a solo homer, then Henry Blanco hit a two-runner later in the inning. In the eighth, Adrian hit his second homer of the day, this time a two-run shot. We got within two runs, but we lost 7-5.

adriantwohomers.jpgWith his eighth and ninth homers of the season yesterday, Adrian broke the Padres record for homers in April. But that doesn’t matter to him, since they didn’t win the game.

And yes, we were wearing the sand uniforms. I tried to warn them!! Those things need to be burned. Incinerated. Pulverized. Destroyed!!

Yesterday afternoon, Jeff Moorad particiapated in an online chat with a bunch of fans. I was one of them. I submitted nine questions and five of them got answered, so that was pretty cool. Jeff talked with the fans for an hour, which surprised me. Last time I did a chat, it was with Chase Headley and he did only half an hour.

Jeff got a lot of good questions, and he answered them pretty well. It was a lot of fun to participate in! But they didn’t give him my question about getting Trevor back…

My favorite part of the chat:

peavy44fan: Do you think the Padres could win the World Series?

j_moorad: I won’t rest until we do.

I love that about him. He’s totally commited to bringing a World Series to San Diego. It’s very cool. Here’s the chat trascript if you would like to read it: Padres CEO Moorad chats with fans 

moorad.jpgIt was a sad day for Padres baseball since we lost the game and the series to the Rockies, but we’re still in second place, only 2.5 games behind. It just amazes me that we can be so bad, play so terribly, and still be doing very well in the division. That’s the NL West for you. Colorado took the series from us, but they are still at the bottom of the NL West and still 2.5 games behind us. Crazy…

But now we are going to play the division-leading Dodgers for four games at Dodger Stadium. Maybe we can overtake them! Haha. That would be pretty cool, though. We have to get a series split at least. Tonight Josh Geer is pitching against James McDonald.


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  1. 23gonzalez

    Thats Awesome That you got on the home page!!!!!! I hope I am on the home page someday, but it probably won’t happen. My blog isn’t as popular as you are!! But anyways, Congrats on the home page. We need to beat the Dodgers today. This is a HUGE game for us.
    Go Padres!!!!!!!!!

  2. Dillon M

    It’s pretty cool that you can be playing so bad and still do well in the division like you said. I’m a Yankee fan and I’m stuck in the A.L. East which is probably the toughest division in the bigs. I wish it was a little like the N.L. West but then, where would be the competition? THat’s no fun!

  3. greg1969

    Sorry I missed your front-page mention! Congrats on making it “above the fold”! Keep up the good work!
    I’m glad a Padres fan said what I have thought all along about those Padres “sand” uniforms. I think your home uniforms look GREAT, and I also like the blue jerseys your guys wear. Those “sand” uniforms, though, make them look like a chain gang! (“Uh, San Diego Jail called, they want their jumpsuits back”…) They do need to be pulverized!
    God Bless, Kaybee!

  4. happyyoungster

    Just wanted to say “congrats” on the MLBLOG feature story. You deserve it!!
    Trevor time in Milwaukee is in full swing. I witnessed his 1st and 2nd saves as a Brewer from the 3rd row…pics coming soon. Feel free to copy them off my blog for your own collection.

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