Sand and Colorado

I’m convinced. Something weird always happens whenever the Padres and Rockies meet, especially at Coors Field. And when you throw the sand uniforms into the mix, oh please. You’ve got a long night at the ballpark on your hands.

sand uniforms.gif

This uniform is our main road uniform. It’s officially the “sand on sand”. I really don’t like it. First of all, it doesn’t look that great, and also, we seem to lose a lot when we’re wearing them. For instance, we wore the sand uniforms in this game

no toucho plate.jpg

Game 163 where Jake got pounded and we went into extra innings and Scott Hairston hit a huge homer in the top of the 13th and Matt Holliday didn’t touch the plate (sorry).

It’s the uniforms. And being in Coors Field. Whenever the Friars and the Rox meet, expect STRANGE things.

Like last night. Colorado got two in the bottom of the first off Chris Young. Then in the third, the Padres came back. Jody Gerut doubled to start it off. Two outs later, Adrian Gonzalez walked, and Chase Headley tripled in both runs. Kouz promptly singled in Chase to take the lead. Kouz got driven in later in the inning.

But in the bottom of the third, Chris Young fell apart, walking three and giving up four runs. It was a disaster!! Pure ugliness.

Both CY and Jason Hammell only went three innings each. Overall, Chris gave up eight earned runs in three innings. Yikes! Onto the bullpen…former Padre Glendon Rusch gave up two runs, including a solo homer to Jody Gerut.

Edwin Moreno, Duaner Sanchez, Luke Gregerson, and Luis Perdomo pitched. Everyone gave up at least one run except Luke.

Probably one of the ugliest parts of this game was that the Rockies stole eight bases. Dexter Fowler stole five by himself. CRAZY! It was terrible. There were running wild on the bases, and they got 12 runs out of it.

More crazy stuff…Brad Hawpe was attempting to steal second. Nick Hundley’s throw was almost like an afterthought. The ball hit Hawpe in the neck, leaving him on the ground. He got a neck brace and was driven of the field. He may have a concussion.

Eventually, we lost 12-7. This loss does not feel that great at all. It’s pretty sad.

But today is another new day. Chad Gaudin is pitching. We signed him not too long ago, and he’s been in Triple-A. I just hope he can pitch. When I saw the front page of this morning, I went, who on earth is this guy??

gaudin.jpgHe’s got quite the goatee there! I just hope that it distracts the batters or something. We NEED a good game today!! 

Well, Trevor Hoffman pitched for the first time this season last night. They played Hell’s Bells, though it wasn’t a save situation. He pitched well. All three outs were hit to people, though. Two of them were hit to deep outfield. So, obviously he’s not in top form yet, but he got the job done. I watched the video. It was really hard. So hard to see him in that uniform…I teared up a little.

trevor brewrere.jpgAw man.

Well, the Padres better play well tonight.


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  1. 23gonzalez

    Hope Chad Gaudin can give us a good start. It’s sad seeing Trevor in Milwaukee. And i like the Camouflage uni’s better than the sand uni’s, but i don’t mind the sand uni’s at all.

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