Something Had To Give

  • 1-0 Giants

It was a long, sad game.

A very well played game, that’s for sure. But all that doesn’t really matter if you don’t win.

Chris Young threw so well! He went seven innings, allowing nothing but two hits and four walks. It was so cool to listen to! You would think that Jake Peavy would be the one who was shutting down the hitters, but CY has been proving that he is the guy to keep a lineup down. It was so amazing. He even got a hit…I think that’s his third or fourth of the season!

On the other side, Barry Zito was incredible as well. He threw seven solid innings, allowing six hits. It was a great pitcher’s duel.

Luke Gregerson took the eighth and the ninth, retiring all six hitters he faced. He was great.

The Padres were able to get some runners on in the last few innings, but the Giants’ bullpen shut us down.

Onto the tenth, with a scoreless game. This is so rare, but it happened. We went to extra innings with no score.

Edwin Moreno came in and got a couple runners on with two outs. Bengie “Padre-Killer” Molina came to the plate and did what he loves to do: walk-off the Padres. He hit a ground-rule double, and the Giants won 1-0. It was pretty sad. But seriously, Molina just kills us. Next time, we gotta walk him.

I feel really bad for Moreno, since he’s now given up two walk-offs in his last two outings. That can’t be good for his confidence.

Now we have a three-game series against the Pirates at PETCO Park. It’s going to be a great series, with two teams who are playing way higher than expectations. I just hope my Padres come out on top 🙂

Yesterday the Padres announced that the cancelled game on Monday will be played on July 23rd in Philly. After that game, we will go to Washington for a three-game series. Hooray. The Padres stilll won the series though!!

Off-days, ugh. But my boys need it. Tomorrow, we will get back into it. Meanwhile, beat those Dodgers!!




  1. juliasrants

    And Kaybee – some times us fans need an off day! We here in Boston have the Red Sox, Bruin and Celtics all playing and I can use the Red Sox not playing today! I had heard about last nights game – what a heartbreaker! Good luck against the Pirates!


  2. kmcleod

    Nothing Like Julia rubbing our faces in Post-season activity, huh? LOL!

    What a game yesterday! It had to be tough to be on the other side of it, but I love watching games like that. Chris Young was very impressive.

    I added you to my Links list this week. I keep finding myself back here reading your blogs, and I have a feeling the NL West showdown will have me back here alot!

    Good luck to your team when there not playing the Giants! 🙂

  3. Paige Landsem

    I bet the Padres will come around. A series win is still something to be proud of! Sounds like they should take your advice regarding Molina…sometimes I think that a lot of teams would do better listening to the insights of dedicated fans. : )

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