There’s Five

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  • 6-5 Padres

The New York Mets opened their brand-new ballpark, Citi Field, last night. The Padres were invited to the party, and boy did they spoil it!

It all started with Jody Gerut, the Padres’ leadoff hitter, in the top of the first (which is usually a good place to start you know). With a 1-1 count, Gerut hit a solo homer down the right field line. Jody is now the only player to open a ballpark with a home run.

Walter Silva came in with a 1-0 lead. He only went 4.2 innings, giving up five runs on eight hits.

The Padres quickly build up a 5-1 lead over the Mets. In the second, Silva singled and Gerut doubled. David Eckstein then doubled them both in. Brian Giles singled in Eckstein.

In the top of the fifth, Adrian Gonzalez hit his second homer of the season. In the bottom of the frame, Silva lost it. He gave up four runs, the big blow being David Wright’s three-run homer. Suddenly, we had a tie ballgame.

Not for long, though. Luis Rodriguez tripled off of Ryan Church’s glove. A few outs later, Pedro Feliciano balked, apparently bothered by David Eckstein’s antics at the plate. That was the winning run.

Edward Mujica, Duaner Sanchez, and Edwin Moreno had great outings. They held the Mets down, that for sure. The bullpen has been so solid!

Then, it was revenge time. Well, not really. But I know that Heath Bell felt great going against his former team, who never really gave him a chance. Check out this quote from the Union Tribune, which made me laugh out loud: “Next in was Bell, who was so excited that he threw a 97-mph fastball off the backstop. No matter.” Oh my goodness! He was really excited, but he got the save, ending with a pop-up to my boy Kouz.

Heath now has four saves in four opportunities this season. He’s been good! Man, he’s certainly a lot more riled up when he goes out there, though. Trevor would never get that excited about a save!

Jody Gerut had a great game. He had two hits and a walk, plus some great defense in center. David Eckstein also had a great game, with three hits.

The bullpen was great, man. They held a one-run lead for four innings!

This team is so exciting! We are now 6-2, and we still have our lead on the top of the NL West. Now we have won five in a row. I’m loving this. My Friars are playing some great baseball right now!

Today is an off-day (in the middle of a series). I think it’s great that we get a break so everyone can recouperate after a big week. Then we can get right back into it on Wednesday with a big win!


(photo credit: Union-Tribune) 



  1. welikeroywelikeroy

    Kaybee I know the Padres are going to be better this year. How much better? It is up for debate there. A full year out of Jody Gerut might be beneficial. I always thought he was a talent that just hasn’t really found himself in the majors. I also have him in my fantasy pool, so I’m a big fan of him right now.

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