The End of the Beginning

First off, let me clarify some things from yesterday’s entry, which was obviously an April Fool’s joke. The Padres won 6-5 on Tuesday, and my brother’s team lost 17-10 on the same night. So, in my report of the game, I mixed the two. Also, Moorad has no such ideas (that I know of). Except hopefully he has the same feelings about Trevor, though. So, that was a fun entry to write, but it is not true. APRIL FOOLS!!

  • 6-1 Padres

Down to business. My Padres are rolling, man! They’ve won five out of their last six. I know it’s only spring, but they picked a good time to get things going.

Jake Peavy started, giving up four hits in five innings with three strikeouts. Incredible! He did not give up a run in 14 innings this spring. Sure, he fell apart at the WBC, but he’s doing great right now. I am so excited about the season he can have this year. He’s definitely going to be a highlight for the Padres, no matter what happens.

Edwin Moreno pitched a scoreless inning. Check it out: his ERA this spring is 0.66. Yeah! Put him in my bullpen! Isn’t that great? I think he’s going to be good.   

Adrian Gonzalez hit a huge two-run homer (with a bro-BI – brother batted in!). Luis Rodriguez had two hits and drove in three runs. Chase Headley had two hits also.

I am so pumped about my Padres, it’s sooo cool! I’m really excited about Fan Day, and then Opening Day the next day. Looking at the roster, we look really good. Sure, we aren’t the Yankees, but we’ve got some solid players.

Check out our bullpen: Heath Bell, Cla Meredith, Edward Mujica, Arturo Lopez, Edwin Moreno, Frankie De La Cruz, and Duaner Sanchez. Very Latino bullpen this year, huh?

We didn’t expect a bullpen like this. I mean, Mujica joined the team yesterday! But I’m really excited about these guys. I hope they do extremely well for us.

Just FYI, here’s our rotation: Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Walter Silva, Kevin Correia, and Shawn Hill. Looking good…

Rawlings_baseball.jpgIt’s baseball time.

Today the Padres are playing the Mariners. Chris Young will pitch for the last time before his start on Tuesday. Since it’s the last spring game for the Padres, we all know what that means – the starters will play a few innings, then it’s the invasion of the minor leaguers.


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  1. Kaybee


    KING OF CALI, yeah, I hope so too!

    EMMA, yeah, I can’t wait!

    MELISSA, thanks! Yeah, he’s recovered pretty well, but he hasn’t had the best spring (try nine runs in three innings today). I think he’s definitely recovered, but he’s gotta get his pitching back all the way.

  2. Kaybee

    ELIZABETH, yeah, I am so glad that Jake is doing better!

    JENN, yeah, we’re going to have a great time 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Kaybee

    ELIZABETH, yeah, I am so glad that Jake is doing better!

    JENN, yeah, we’re going to have a great time 🙂 Thanks!

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