Welcome to the Padres

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Yesterday the San Diego Padres announced that Jeff Moorad and his partners bought about a third of the club. Moorad is now the CEO of the Padres, replacing Sandy Alderson. Moorad will eventually gain full control of the Padres. He has five years to finish the deal.

In the press conference at Petco Park yesterday afternoon, Moorad thanked Bud Selig. He also spoke about his goals for the team in the future. 

“The challenge for us, much like it was in Arizona when I arrived, is to figure out the fix that not only fixes things here as soon as possible, but fixes it for the long term,” Moorad said. “Our goal is to win consistently. To maintain a successful club that has a chance to win year in and year out.

“It doesn’t happen overnight. The change will take some time. But I can assure you we’re going to invest in the future and invest in ways that we think make sense to build this organization so that it can win over time.” (quotes from the article on padres.com)

Moorad decribed the Padres as “a jewel of a franchise” and that we play in “a winnable division”. “…my goal is to build a consistently winning organization that has a chance to compete for a World Series year in and year out, and I believe that’s attainable.” I love this guy already! He’s going to do great things for this club. This is so exciting!

So, congrats to Jeff Moorad and the Padres organization. I can’t wait to see how Moorad helps this club. Celebrate, O San Diego fans! We have hope!

Today the Padres are playing the Oakland A’s. Jake Peavy will be starting, and I really hope he has a good outing. Then Shawn Hill will pitch. It will be a really interesting game.

Tomorrow is my ten-year-old brother’s seventh game. Nice and early, too…I’ll be getting up at six. The Pirates’ record is 4-2. They actually have a really good team! I am so excited to score the game and watch some baseball!

Today is not my day. I lost my entry once and erased part of it another time! I’d better save it quickly before I have to re-write anything again! But I’m sure it will be a good day.

I hope you all have a great one!


(photo credit: Union-Tribune)


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