• 6-5 Team USA

What a game. What a game. Just like, wow. It was like a playoff game, full of so much emotion and nail-biting. It was really a back-and-forth game. I didn’t watch it, and I didn’t even listen to it. But this morning I read the articles, watched the highlights. What a great victory for the United States!

Ted Lilly started the game for USA and gave up three runs in 3.1 innings. Padres’ closer Heath Bell gave up a run, as did Jonathan Broxton. The other four relievers did not give up a run or a hit. Kevin Youkilis hit a solo homer.

But the most exciting part, of course, was the bottom of the 9th. Yesterday, Jane Heller asked us on her blog if we liked blowouts or pitcher’s duels better. I wasn’t really sure, because I love both, but I think I got my answer with this game. I love these tight games where both teams keep chasing each other. One team gets a couple runs, the next team scores three, the first team ties it, the second team get another, the first team gets three to go ahead, and on and on and on. I love those games where it comes down to the bottom of the ninth, to do-or-die. And I love it when my Padres are able to come out on top, with a walk-off come-from-behind win. Oh man, that’s my favorite.

Last night’s game was very much like that. The score was 5-3 Puerto Rico going into the bottom of the ninth. Not impossible for this team of All-Stars to come back from. Here’s how it went down: Shane Victorino and Brian Roberts singled, followed by a walk to Jimmy Rollins. Kevin Youkilis walked in a run to bring USA that much closer. Then David Wright came to the plate.

With a count of 2-1, he hit a ball down the right field line, driving in two to win the game. His teammates jumped on him near second base (I really hope Jake wasn’t in that pile!!!). Watching the video of that walk-off hit just gave me chills. I LOVE walk-offs! It was so neat to hear Matt Vasgersian call the hit. How many times have I heard him call those walk-offs for the Padres, with his trademark, “Santa Maria!”? It was great to hear Matty V. again, obviously enjoying his new job.

What a great victory! There weren’t that many people in the stands, but the energy in that 9th inning felt so much like a playoff game. And so, the USA rolls on. But Jake needs to come back!!!! Also, Korea defeated Japan 4-1 last night at Petco Park. Very cool. I’m sure Hyun Young is excited 🙂      

  • 12-7 Angels

Alright, I’m changing topics to the Padres-Angels game yesterday. Nastiness! Our pitching is absolutely miserable!! Josh Geer, six runs on nine hits in 3.2 innings. Scott Patterson, three runs on three hits in 0.2 innings. Justin Hampson, three runs on four hits in one inning. Greg Burke, Ivan Nova, Chris Britton, and Mark Worrell were able to throw scoreless innings. Ah man, it’s bad. Our pitching is really bad.

But we are hitting. Jody Gerut hit his first homer of the spring, a two-run shot. Kouz and Chase Headley each drove in a run. Kyle Blanks had two hits. Chris Burke had a two-run single. Chris Snelling drove in a run. We hit very well. I was pleased. At one point we came from behind to take a 7-6 lead. Of course, it was quickly given up by the pitching staff, but at least we were able to get up on top. I’m telling you, our hitting cannot keep up with our pitching. They give up runs all through the game, and our hitters just can’t kept up. From Saturday, March 7th to yesterday’s game, our pitching staff has given up 85 runs. That’s ten games.  ACK!!!!

The Padres wore their green caps in honor of St. Patrick’s Day yesterday. It didn’t exactly match the navy blue uniforms, but it was cool. Broadcaster Andy Masur was commenting on the fact that it looked like Christmas in the stands, with all the Angels fans and green for the holiday.

After the game the Padres made a few roster moves. Wade LeBlanc was sent to Triple-A. Mike Ekstrom, Cesar Carrillo, and Travis Denker were also moved to Triple-A. Chris Britton, Matt Buschmann, Pete Ciofrone, Mitch Canham, and Cedric Hunter were sent to minor league camp. LeBlanc was considered a candidate for the rotation, but he needs a lot more time. He struggled as a starter when he came up near the end of last year, and he did not do well this spring either. The Britton move was kind of suprising. Sure, he wasn’t doing great, but the Padres were looking at him as an 8th inning set-up guy. But it was not to be. Chris has been told that he will not make the team out of Spring Training. That’s kind of sad, but these moves need to be made.

And now, the worst news of the week (even worse that the Padres’ pitching problems): TREVOR IS HURT!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Panic!!!!!! Well, it’s not that bad, but he’s an old dude. He needs to be very careful with himself. He has a Grade 1 (the least serious) strain of his right oblique muscle, sustained the day after his outing on Friday. The thing with Trevor is that he doesn’t pitch that much, and even when he does, it’s just one quick inning. As a result, he has to keep in shape while he’s not pitching. This is going to be tough for him, but hopefully he will be able to rebound with no further damage. AHHHH!!!! We need you healthy for your last year as a Padre in 2010, Trevor!!! Get well soon!!!!

get well soon.jpgToday we are playing the Rangers again in Peoria. Cesar Ramos will pitch three innings, followed by Walter Silva for two. Let’s see how many runs our pitching will give up today!


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  1. Jane Heller

    First of all, get well wishes to Trevor. If I had a balloon I’d send it! As for Chris Britton, he never made it with the Yankees. He was back and forth on the shuttle between the majors and minors so many times I hope he got frequent flier miles. So I’m sorry he’s not making the Padres either. He has to be very disappointed.

  2. SDFriarFan

    Britton just doesn’t have the velocity the Pads would like. Sanchez might be that guy…might…if he can show he’s regained velocity and that he can remain healthy. I’m really interested to see Ramos today. With LeBlanc’s demotion and Geer’s struggles, the opening is there if Ramos can capitalize. Should he pitch well, he may take the lead for that 5th spot. I’m pulling for him, because you’re right…our pitching has been miserable!

  3. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    That was an AWESOME walk-off. I can add that to the list of reasons why I love David Wright. 🙂 And Trevor needs to get well soon. Not only for your happiness, but my fantasy team needs him! He can take his time as long as he’s ready by Opening Day. 🙂

  4. 333greystreet

    That was a great game last night.

    Have you ever seen Trevor’s little kid fielding pop flies in batting practice? He’s better than most of the players, and he’s 8. He personally robbed me of about 3 balls by catching them before they bounced off the warning track and into the stands.


  5. ohy22xd

    Oh man! Poor Trevor 😦 I really hope he gets better quickly. Kaybee, deeeeep breaths. You’ll get through this. Speaking of Padres, our pitching staff is pretty much terrible right now. I’m serious. It just doesn’t seem right. Looks like they are giving 85%, not a 100. But I’m glad both USA and Korea won 🙂 I miss Matty now. I hope he’s having a great time! As always, GO PADRES!!

  6. Kaybee

    JANE, thank you for thinking of Trevor! yeah, I feel bad for Britton, but the Padres are giving him a chance to go somewhere else if he so chooses to.

    FRIARFAN, our pitching is so bad. I think Ramos still makes a case for the rotation spot, but I’d really like to see Silva in there as well.

    JEN, definitely a great game! Get better Trevor!!!

    AARON, yeah, I would have loved to watch it, but I don’t have any way to do so!

    JULIA, yeah, getting a little freaked out, sweating a little, but I love it!

    JON, yep 🙂

    ERIK, I’ve never seen Trevor’s kids on the field before the game, but I’ve seen them out there afterwards. Figures that they are good baseball players 😉

    HYUN YOUNG, the Padres are going through a lot of problems, but hopefully we will get better!

    JENN, seriously! It’s pretty incredible!

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