Padres vs. Rockies Today!

  • 4-3 Rangers

Yesterday we played the Rangers, and we lost. Cha Seung Baek allowed one run in two innings. He now has a 9.00 ERA in the spring so far. Lovely. Anyway, Justin Hampson then threw a scoreless inning. After him was Joe Thatcher. Yes, of course he allowed a run! I’m telling you, this guy can’t pitch! He could at the end of 2007, but he lost it. Next Oneli Perez and his 20.25 ERA pitched and allowed two runs. But the next four pitchers had scoreless innings. Our pitching has still be incredible, it’s usually just one or two guys that don’t really have it. Like Thatcher.

We had some problems on the offensive side. We had five total hits. Will Venable, Drew Macias, and Evereth Cabrera drove in runs for the Padres. We got one run in the sixth, one in the seventh, and one in the eighth. But we fell just one run short. Kouz had three at-bats. He didn’t get a hit, but he made two solid throws on the field. Luis Rodriguez stole second and third and scored when Venable drove him in. Or, at least that’s what the Padres website said. I have reason to believe that it was actually Everth Cabrera who stole both bases. Apparently Cabrera was pitch-running for Rodriguez. There was an interview on XX 1090 after the game where they mentioned Cabrera stealing two bases. Also, there is a comment on the news story on from a person who says that they were at the game and it was Cabrera. Hmmm… It wasn’t the best game, but the players are getting their work in, and that’s all that really matters.

I just listened to an interview on XX 1090 of Kevin Kouzmanoff. It was so funny! They barely talked about baseball and what’s going on in camp, and that’s what made it so funny! They talked about really random stuff. Kouz actually said that he didn’t want to talk about baseball, so Darren Smith kind of threw away the questions he had prepared and totally talked about random things. I love Kouz!! It was a very cool interview. I really enjoyed it.

Today we are playing the Rockies. We have a lot of history with the Rockies over the past few years (game 163, the 22-inning game). I think there’s a bit of a rivalry here. I have always hated playing the Rockies after game 163, but that is understandable considering my strong feelings during and after that game. But now the Rockies have lost their leader Matt Holliday (who has still not touched the plate), and though they still have a lot of good players, they have not been doing that great this spring so far. I’m sure they will get their wins in, but so far they have lost eight games and that’s it. Yesterday they lost to Mexico 7-3. I think I just have a lot of bad memories of Rockie players… Here’s the lineup:

  • RF Drew Macias (well that’s interesting)
  • 2B Chris Burke (ahh yes the guy who plays like five positions!)
  • CF Jody Gerut (has he ever batted third before with the Padres?)
  • LF Chase Headley (go Chase!)
  • 1B Kyle Blanks (the big guy!)
  • C Nick Hundley (I love you Nick!)
  • 3B Travis Denker (no Kouz today)
  • SS Everth Cabrera (ah our base-stealer who didn’t get the credit)
  • SP Kevin Corriea (wow this is weird! I think this is the Padres’ first game that’s all National League!)

Kevin Corriea, who has been doing pretty well, is going to go for three innings today. He will be followed by Wade LeBlanc for two innings. Then Chad Reineke, Ivan Nova, Jae Kuk Ryu, and Cesar Carrillo. It will be an interesting game…

Hyun Young is going to the fanfest on April 5, so I think I need to go now too. My parents haven’t given me a “yes” or a “no” yet, but I think we should decide soon as it’s only like four weeks away! It would be so much fun to be able to get out there! I really hope I can make it!

I am so glad the weekend is almost here. It’s been a long week…



  1. Darion

    “But now the Rockies have lost their leader Matt Holliday (who has still not touched the plate)”
    Ha! I laughed hard when I read that. I hope you guys do well today. In that lineup, the only two guys I have heard of is Burke, Gerut, Headley, and Hudley though. At least your getting the young guys a chance.

  2. Kaybee

    Yeah, I’ve had a hard time letting go of that 🙂 We have a lot of young guys who haven’t really been heard of in camp right now, but if they can help us win, it doesn’t really matter if anybody knows who they are. And it is very cool to have the young guys getting a chance to prove themselves.

  3. Kaybee

    JULIA, it is so true. They were talking about stuff like movies and cell phones…Kouz said that if his one cell phone got run over, he wouldn’t be too upset. He also said that he falls asleep at movies a lot 🙂

  4. Lissi

    I hope you get to Fanfest! It would be so cool if you got to see Hyun Young too!
    The interview with Kouz did sound pretty funny.
    Oh and RA stands for Resident Assistant. Basically I am just there to help the people who live on my hall with any college-y or life problems they may have. I’ll be working with all freshmen so it should be fun.

  5. Kaybee

    JANE, yeah I probably will 🙂

    BOB, thanks! But maybe you meant Thatcher…? I think he should just retire or something. Or go to Single-A…

    TOM!!! Now the Rockies have!! What is it, like, 13-6 in the 7th? Oh well. You guys were kind of due anyways. Michael Barrett has been gone for a long time…but true, it probably would have been better is he had held onto ball. Then the ump might have called that guy out.

  6. hooksfan

    kaybee, last year I got to see Kyle Blanks and Drew Macias play against the Corpus Christi Hooks. The last home game the Hooks played was against the San Antonio Mission’s. Unfortunately for the Hooks they lost the game 21-3. Blanks had a very good game. He hit a two-run double in the eighth, in addition to plating five in the ninth thanks to a home run and double, giving him 101 RBIs this season. That made up for the night before when he dropped an easy out. On the next pitch the batter was struck by a ball. The next hitter was Ole Sheldon who hit a home run. The Hooks won that game 6-5 thanks to the error by Kyle Blanks.

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