Padres Sign Catcher

henry blanco.jpg

The Padres were going to get catcher Brad Ausmus. But they hemmed and hawed and talked abut signing him for a few months. Then Ausmus finally got tired of waiting for the Padres, so he signed with the Dodgers. Too bad for the Padres. Almost instantly, we signed this dude, Henry Blanco. He played with the Cubs last year, hitting .291 in 58 games. He’s been playing in the majors for 11 years.

He was signed for the main purpose of being a mentor to rookie Nick Hundley. He will also spell Nick every once in a while. Apparently, the Padres GM called up Greg Maddux and asked who would be a good mentor and a good clubhouse guy. Blanco was one of them, I guess. He signed for $750,000.

Now, I know I shouldn’t judge by appearance, but this guy is kind of freaky. He’s got tattoos all over his arms, and he is not that attractive. He is 37, after all. I guess as long as he does extremely well for us, it doesn’t really matter how he looks. I just hope he stays healthy, that the pitchers like him, and that he is a really good mentor to Nick. I hope he can do well for us.

Now, is it Spring Training yet? Well, not quite, but it’s coming up soon. I’m starting to get really excited about this season. I can’t wait to see what the Padres are able to do. Oh, and it looks like we will definitely be able to keep Jake. That’s pretty exciting! Anyways, baseball is coming!


  1. Kaybee

    JULIA, no starting catchers? Yeah, I guess Bardo isn’t much of starting catcher. But maybe you guys will still be able to get Tek!

    JANE, well, maybe not his BIGGEST fan, but I certainly will be glad he’s on the team!

    JEN, I really hope he does well for us. Just as long as he stays healthy…

  2. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Good to have this guy as a mentor… his stats might dip a little if he plays more games, but not by too much.
    And sure he’s not attractive, but he does wear a mask half the game. Did you know AJ Burnett has tons of tattoos also? I wonder how the Yankees will take that.
    And congrats on keeping Peavy! That’s great news!!

  3. crystalbaseball

    Kaybee – Although my blog has nothing to dow ith the Cubs, I am a huge fan of the team. Here’s the rundown on what you need to know about Blanco. He had a good year last year with the stick, but that is not his forte. Very well known for his defense (gamecalling and his arm), and I am 100% in the belief that he is the reason that Geovany Soto had an excellent year behind the plate last year. Personally, I am disgusted the cubs are trying to get a guy like Paul Bako, as opposed to keeping Blanco for less than a million dollars. He can only make the pitchers even better (even with a stadium like Petco absorbing and would be home runs!). have a great day.

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