What else do the Padres need?

As some of you know, I sent one of my entries (Why Trevor?) about Trevor Hoffman to the Padres’ front office last week. Well, I got a reply on Saturday. I was actually pretty impressed because it got there on Thursday, and a reply was written that day. I got it by Saturday. Basically, the reply said that we are all going to miss Trevor, but with him only signing a one-year deal with the Brewers, maybe a deal could be reached next year so Trevor could finish his career here. The letter also said that they hope to see me at PETCO several times this year (you want me out there? How ’bout you send me some tickets!). I don’t know if my letter got into the hands of a guy working in the front office, but I did the best I could. I expressed my opinion to my team.

OK, moving on to the other business I would like to discuss: what else do the Padres need for the team next year? We have at least five starting pitchers, with a few open spots and enough guys to compete for it. Do we need another starting pitcher? I think not. Not unless he’s a minor league guy who would be in the minors for a while. 

How ’bout catching? This is one of our biggest needs right now, I think. We have Nick Hundley, who will be doing the majority of the time behind the plate, but I still think we need a veteran who’s been around the majors a bit. Say, a Brad Ausmus. We did pick up a catcher a few weeks back, but I think we should keep him in the minors as a backup.

Infield? Well, we have a lot of guys in the middle infield right now. I think some guys that really proved themselves last season aren’t going to get much of a chance this year. Yeah, I’m thinking about Edgar Gonzalez. With David Eckstein moving into second, Edgar is out of a job. Luis Rodriguez and Chris Burke are supposed to take over shortstop. That leaves quite a few guys without a job. I hope Edgar doesn’t have to go back down, but it looks likely. On our corners though, we’re covered. Adrian Gonzalez and Kevin Kouzmanoff. Wow, I haven’t heard much about Kouz lately. But I did hear that his shoulder isn’t doing the best. He’s been struggling with back problems for a long time, but hopefully he will be ready for Spring Training with that shoulder. Get better, Kooooooz!!! But if Kouz is injured, we could move Chase Headley to third and make more room in the outfield.

Which brings us to…the outfield! We have the guys who are pretty much guaranteed a job-Jody Gerut, Brian Giles, and Chase Headley. We also have a guy who is going to get $1 million this year-Scott Hairston. We have a few rookies who want to be on the team and deserve to be-Will Venable and Drew Macias. We have enough guys, but the question is where they will go. I don’t think we need any more outfielders.

And now, the bullpen. We have a lot of pitchers. We have a LOT. We have a closer (Heath Bell), and set-up guy (Chris Britton), a 7th-inning guy (Cla Meredith), and 15 other pitchers who have a chance for the bullpen. But the Padres’ front office lives on pitching, so I wouldn’t be too suprised if we got a few MORE pitchers this offseason.

Bench, maybe. We have guys who could play from the bench. But the Padres might want to get a few guys who are proved to hit well late in the game. Say, a Tony Clark. I don’t know if the Padres would be able to find one, but that would be a great asset for manager Bud Black.

So, in review, I think the Padres need another catcher, and some bench players. We really do have a lot of players who can do well for us, and hopefully they can help over the course of the season. Let’s see how this goes…    


  1. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    At least someone in the Padres organization took the time to read your letter. That’s better than nothing! And they should have sent you tickets. Having a good catcher can make or break a team, I think. Since the catcher basically controls the game (telling the pitcher what pitch to throw, when to try a pickoff, etc.), you’ve gotta have a good catcher. I don’t know much about Hundley, but if he’s good, then you should be ok. If you’re kinda iffy on him, the Padres should look for a veteran. I think you’re set on the outfield. The two games I went to in September, Venable was playing. He’s pretty good, so you’re lucky to have him. As for your bench players, if some of the infielders and outfielders you mentioned are good offensively as well, you might be set. I’m hoping you guys have a better season this year so I have some good baseball to watch! Rephrase since all baseball is good baseball: I’m hoping you guys have a better season this year so I have some WINNING baseball to watch! Much better. 🙂

  2. xcicix

    Is Nick Hundley related to Todd Hundley?
    People in baseball offices are so much nicer than in other corporations…I wonder why that is?
    It’ll be a bit strange having Burke not in a D-Backs uniform this year. He’s a good player, though, and I’m sure he’ll do well for you guys.

  3. ohy22xd

    Wow. Way to go!
    Since David Eckstein came, our infield problem is starting to be answered. I’m pretty sure Edgar can’t play shortstop but he might be a back up for Luis Rodriguez. I have a question for you: Do you think Luis Rodriguez is going to be our starting shortstop in the opening day? My answer is maybe, but not quite. He proved to us that he is a solid shortstop when Khalil was injured, but Rodriguez is not quite there. In the other side, Adrian and Kevin are good to go!I agree with you for the catching problem. Nick Hundley is great but we really need a vetran to be a starter. But outfield is pretty good, and bullpen is also pretty good.
    Kaybee, let’s just wait for the results. I’m sure our Padres are going to be solid by the opening day of 2009!http://hyunyoung.mlblogs.com

  4. Kaybee

    JEN, I agree! We will hopefully get a better catcher, I think Nick really does need a mentor. He’s a young guy, and he needs veteran leadership. Everything else seems to be set, and I really hope we can be winning more often!!

    XCICIX, no, Nick is not related to Todd, but he gets that question all the time! I hope Burke will do well too!

    JULIA, thanks! It was pretty cool!

    HYUN YOUNG, I really think Luis will be the starting shortstop, unless something happens in Spring Training that would prevent him. He is pretty good, but not the best. Hopefully he will do really well with Chris Burke. And yeah, I think we’re going to be pretty good this year!

  5. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Great analysis on all the areas of your team. And HOW COOL that the Padres front office sent you a reply! Congrats on getting your stuff out there, that’s really great! I hope you guys can find some good people to fill your holes. But other than that, it seems like you guys have a lot of potential young talent.

  6. Kaybee

    BIG PAPI, we’ll have to see how well Heath does in the closer role. He’s been pretty good in the 8th, but I don’t know if he will be able to do well in the 9th.

    ELIZABETH, thanks! I really hope that we will be a better team this year. I just can’t wait for Spring Training!!

    TOM, thanks! I actually haven’t found the Brewers’ fanmail address yet, but when I do, it would be pretty amazing if he replied!!

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