But Eckstein signs with Padres

Well, it looked like shortstop Omar Vizquel would be signing with the Padres. All the reports appeared that way. But guess what, the Padres pulled one on us. This afternoon, they signed shortstop David Eckstein instead. He was one of the names that had been floating around, but boy did it look like Vizquel was going to get it! Oh well. I actually like this addition better, because Eckstein is much younger (David is 34; Omar is 42). Now, you know that the Padres are going low-budget this year, right? It is supposed to be around $40 million, maybe less. And Eckstein is not a spring chicken, and he’s had some time in the majors. But his salary for this one-year contract just makes me laugh. How much is he getting? $850,000. Yeah. That’s them cheap Padres. I mean, that is a lot of money. But considering what the players get these days…I just think it’s pretty funny.

Thing is, the guy wants to play second base. We do not need another second baseman. Apparently, David signed with the Padres because they offered him the chance to play second. I just don’t understand this front office. Now they are saying that Luis Rodriguez and Chris Burke will get most of the time at short. OK, whatever. But what about the guys like Edgar Gonzalez? He’s worked hard to get up here. He had been in the minors for 8 years before making his major league debut last year. I guess we’ll see more clearly what the team is going to look like in Spring Training.

We also picked up a former Rays pitcher, Jae Kuk Ryu, off of waivers. Can anybody tell me how to pronounce that? There’s not much info on him, but he will definitely get a look in Spring Training for the bullpen most likely. What’s up with my Padres? They’ve signed four players this week. I guess they’re getting ready to play some San Diego baseball!    


  1. ohy22xd

    WOW. It looked like that Omar was going to join the team! Ah, oh well. We finally solved our shortstop puzzle. The answer? David Eckstein.
    And Jae Kuk Ryu guy? I have NO idea who that guy is. But I know that he’s South Korean, just like me. LOL. I think he deserves a shot, don’t you think so too? It looks like that our Padres are starting to look like a true team! http://hyunyoung.mlblogs.com

  2. Kaybee

    I know, it’s pretty exciting! I think the Jae Kuk Ryu guy will definitely have a shot. Maybe he can do long-relief or something…we’ll have to see in Spring Training!

  3. juliasrants

    Kaybee – This whole off-season has been full of intrigue and mystery. Can you believe the Red Sox have signed Youk to a 4 year extension for only (love it! “only”) $41 million? Compared to other contracts this off-season that is cheap!


  4. xcicix

    Eckstein’s great. He’s good in the clutch and has lots of experience. Too bad the D-Backs didn’t keep him…

  5. metmainman

    Hey, Eckstein may just be enough in the weak NL West. Although, I’m predicting the Giants to win the division and actually win the penant. You guys got Eckstein for 850 grand to play every day, the Mets payed 2.25 million for Alex Cora to be abackup.

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