Last night, the Chargers won, here in San Diego. It was a great, great game, even for this person who doesn’t really grasp football. Sometimes, just listening to the emotions of the broadcasters, you can tell what’s going on.

I’ve been keeping track of this team all season. Mostly to see if they lost. And they were not that good this year, there’s no doubt about it. I mean, they looked like the football version of the Padres! But they really came through this month. They won 4 games in a row to overcome Denver’s lead and win the AFC West. It’s pretty exciting for the citizen of San Diego.

I can’t say that I understood everything that was going on. I listened to the game on the radio, which was interesting to say the least. On the radio, they use all sorts of different expressions to make the broadcast more interesting. It’s the same with baseball. There are all these strange terms that would never make sense to the person who doesn’t know anything about sports. And so, while I was listening to this football game, I had to try to figure out what was going on. I think I got most of it. It was kind of difficult since I didn’t have a mental picture of the field in my head, so when they said something like,”He’s taken down at the 30,” I wasn’t really sure where that was.

But the important thing is that they won. And the score was 52-21. The Chargers set a bunch of different records in this game, too. They played really, really well. Everything was just clicking for them. I am actually excited about this team.

I hate to say that they are growing on me, since I have been an avid Chargers hater for a few years now. It’s kind of embarrasing to suddenly like the Chargers. For example, my younger brother has kind of followed in my footsteps, and he hates the Chargers, too. So, yesterday when I was talking about the game, he was like, “Boo Chargers!” I was like, “Well, actually, we WANT them to win.” Just shows that you have to be a good role model to your younger siblings. So am I becoming a Chargers fan? I sure hope not, but we’ll have to see. If they go deep into this postseason, they are inevitably going to grow on me. But if they get eliminated early, I probably won’t. We’ll just have to see….

So, the first game of the playoffs for San Diego is this Saturday, at Qualcomm Stadium against the Colts. Some of the key players are injured (like LT), but hopefully they will be able to heal up. This is pretty exciting, because it’s a San Diego team. We have had a lot of bad years in our sports, but now our NFL team has been in the playoffs for 3 straight years. I’m excited. Let’s see how far they go!   



  1. ohy22xd

    hey Kaybee, long time no comment 🙂 i was in a vacation for 4 days in cancun and it was great! but i missed my beautiful hometown san diego. during christmas too! speaking of chragers, i missed the big game! WOW. i can’t belive the chargers actually won. and they won pretty big! now i have a younger brother too. but he is the EXACT opposite of me. he loves the chargers and he hates the padres! so we argue about san diego teams a lot. as a football hater like you, i’m actually exited about the colts game too. so… go chargers! -Hyunyoung

  2. Jane Heller

    I’m clueless about football, but you made an interesting point about watching sports on TV versus listening on the radio. Someone should do a post about that. I grew up listening to Mel Allen calling Yankee games on the radio and it really was like being there. And now I hear Vin Scully do Dodgers games on the radio and he’s amazing. There’s a real art to describing what goes on and creating video images for people.

  3. Joey

    Maybe this is what the Chargers need…the past few years they’ve had solid records entering the playoffs, but haven’t done that well in the playoffs themselves. maybe finishing with a sub-par record but being hot at the right time will be the formula they need to take it all the way. I doubt it, but hey it’s worth a shot.

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