News Over the Holiday

I had a great Christmas, and I hope all of you did too. Well, the Padres didn’t give their fans a big present like a CC Sabathia or anything, but they did sign a few players on Christmas Eve. We signed right-handed pitchers Kevin Correia, Chris Britton, and Oneli Perez to minor league contracts. We also signed catcher Eliezer Alonzo, and gave a one-year contract to shortstop/second baseman Luis Rodriguez. Now, I’m really excited about Correia. I don’t know why, but he seems like an interesting player. He will get a shot at the rotation in Spring Training. Britton also looks very interesting. He is most likely to compete for a spot in the bullpen. But this catcher, Alonzo, I’m not so excited about. He sounds like he would be a good player up here, and it sounds like he might very well be the backup catcher to Nick Hundley. Alonzo’s been around for three years, but I still think a Brad Ausmus would be better. He’s been in the majors for 15 years, he lives in San Diego, and he did play for the Padres for 5 years at the beginning of his career. I guess the most disappointing thing about this is that the Padres are being very cheap. We have no choice, but I would like them to at least make the effort of signing a guy that a lot of people have heard of. Brad Ausmus isn’t a Jason Varitek, but he at least is fairly well known. And he’s a great player. Not to say that Alonzo isn’t, but I think Aumus’ reputation as a player would be better for San Diego.

So, I was downtown on Christmas Eve, and I got to see Petco Park from the Coronado Bridge. I really, really, really miss baseball. I can’t wait to catch a few games at Petco next year. I can’t wait to see how the team develops, what they’re going to do. I can’t wait for baseball!

petco close.JPG     

IMG_2522.JPGSan Diego is so beautiful 🙂


  1. juliasrants

    Hey Kaybee, that last shot is a beautiful one of San Diego. The Padres aren’t the only ones who aren’t signing people this off season. The Red Sox need to get their act together and solve our catching problem. I’m glad you had a great Christmas! Best to you and yours!


  2. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Oh man, I miss San Diego. I’m home in Chicago for Christmas, and it’s cold. The White Sox aren’t signing anyone either. We’ve traded away two big names and gotten nothing but prospects we probably won’t even call up this season. And like you, I can’t wait for baseball season either!

  3. rockymountainway

    Just think it’s the NL West! Not a knock because they have had some great representation in baseball and the playoffs the last five years but the team that has the most consistent pitching while beating up on the rest of the division can seriously have a shot. I have tons of hope for the Rox and we haven’t signed one “big” name! Soon enough it will be day one and all tied for the lead.

  4. Jane Heller

    Nice pix, Kaybee. I hope to go a game at Petco this summer. I’ve never been to Coronado, so I’d like to check it out too. Chris Britton didn’t get much of a chance with the Yankees – he was back and forth between the majors and Triple A last season – but he’s definitely an innings-eater. Very durable. Hopefully he’ll be an asset to your bullpen.

  5. welikeroywelikeroy

    Correia could be promising. He always pitched good in the minors. Maybe he just needed to be home to pitch, he is a native San Diegoan. One of the many great ballplayers that hail from that city. I think I heard once that San Diego has created the most major leaguers out of any other city.

  6. rosehof14

    The Reds are making moves, most of them no good, but we did manage to get Taveras from the Rockies so I guess it can’t be all bad. My only Padres question is….How on earth did you guys decide on calling your field after a Pet Supply company? Come on! Surely there was something better to pick from.


  7. Kaybee

    JULIA, a lot of teams need to get it going (except the Yankees, of course). Funny how both of our teams have a catching problem!

    JEN, yeah, San Diego is pretty nice right now. We’re getting a lot of minor leaguers, but I think some of them will be able to help us this season.

    HAPPY, I really hope the Padres sign Ausmus 🙂

    TOM, I agree about the NL West. This division is really crazy. Here the Diamondbacks were dominant all year and then had their lead grabbed away by the Dodgers in the last month of the season. It’s really up in the air.

    JANE, I really hope Brittion can help us too. I think you would like Petco 🙂

    ELIZABETH, it’s almost here!!!

    JEREMY, we do have a ton of players who have either been born here, grew up here, or are living here. Players like to play here because of the weather and the fans, but the team doesn’t win very well.

    COB, I think the PETCO company paid the most money. It’s not the best name, I’ll definitely grant that, but it works. You’ll have to ask the Padres’ management though 🙂

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