The Hope of the Playoffs

Well, in Padres news over the weekend, Jody Gerut signed a contract for 2009. This is pretty exciting because Jody was a very positive part of 2008. He’s a center fielder who was out of baseball because of surgery to both knees. Now he’s back, and he did an excellent job last year. This does make me wonder what our center field situtation will be. Obviously, I think Jody will get the majority of the time out there. But Will Venable showed us that he can play center very well when he was up here at the end of the year. But if he’s up here, he needs to be playing. It will be very interesting.

OK, as most of my readers should know, I really do not like football. But it has come to my attention lately that I need to broaden my sports knowledge, which means that I need to learn about America’s most popular sport, football. So I watched a little college football on Saturday. It was fascinating. I’m still learning, but it’s actually pretty cool to watch all these guys crash into each other. And I knew a lot more than I thought I would.

Anyways, I would like to talk about the San Diego Chargers. Believe me, I cannot stand the Chargers. The memorabilia is all over San Diego, and they are so much bigger than the Padres. I do not like it. BUT if anyone is following the NFL closely, they will know about this situation between the Chargers and the Broncos. Yesterday, the Chargers won 41-24 against Tampa Bay. The Broncos lost, so now the AFC West will be decided next Sunday in San Diego. I’ve already said that I don’t like the Chargers, but when the hope of playoffs comes here, all San Diego sports fans get excited. Doesn’t matter if it’s the Padres, the Chargers, the college teams. Successful playoff teams are so rare here in San Diego, and we get so excited about the potential playoff team. I am so excited about this game on Sunday! It’s pretty insane since I hate the Chargers and I’m not even going to be watching it. But I will be keeping track of the score on the Internet and the radio. Games like this are so exciting, no matter what sport. Whoever wins this game will go to the playoffs. Whoever loses will have the season over. The hope of a Superbowl is there if you just get to the playoffs. Same with the Padres. If they win the NL West, all fans see the far hope, the World Series. Now, I really don’t know if the Chargers have the talent or the pieces to win this game next Sunday. They’ve been pretty bad all year, but we’ll just have to see. It will be very exciting, that’s for sure. I’m looking forward to it.

Well, it’s raining again!! Sounds like we’re going to have big storms all week, which will be amazing. Only 3 days ’til Christmas! 



  1. bostonredsoxgirl46

    I think Tex turning down the Sox offer would be for the best, but there’s still speculation that we’re still in it! I guess Yogi was right: “It ain’t over til it’s over!”
    I’m thinking I might have to take up watching football as well, but baseball will always be my number one!

  2. juliasrants

    Kaybee – Good for you to watch football! I am actually a pretty big football fan also – and my Patriots crushed Arizona in the snow yesterday. I now find myself in the position of actually HAVING to root for the NY Jets next week. If they beat Miami & the Pats win, then the Pats win their division. And you have NO idea how much I HATE the Jets. Cheering for them is a fate almost worse then death. Enjoy your rain. I have about 2 feet of snow in my backyard. It will be a white Christmas. Enjoy!


  3. ohy22xd

    Kaybee, I agree. I don’t like football. It’s not as exctiting as baseball!! For me, football is just running, throwing and crashing into each other. IT’S LAME. I try to watch the Charger games, but I just can’t stand it! The thing that’s interesting right now though is that the Chargers might go to the playoffs with that bad record. Guess I have to find out next Sunday if they will win Denver or not!

  4. rosehof14

    Do I watch football? yes..
    Do I watch those shows where people have video taped horrible car crashes? yes…

    See what’s in common? Let’s face it Football was made so that girls could get into watching sports. How so? Simple

    We gave them men in tight pants bending over.
    We gave them locker room fantasies.
    We gave them cheerleaders to hate.
    We gave them a sport that says that their over weight men can actually be sexy, all at the same time giving them the tall, dark and handsome.

    Why do guys like football?
    We’re glad to see somone else get hurt instead of us.
    We’d like to be able to hurt someone and not get arrested.

    Men who just like football an no other sport are just really in it for the drinking and friendship. They really care less about the team or the sport.

    Just my opinion, hopefully made someone laugh,


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