Wanted: A New Owner

Not much happening baseball-wise around here. Of course, the news about the team being sold is making quite a stir. I believe Jane over at Confessions of a She-Fan is starting a collection for anyone who wants to contribute to buying them, but I’m not sure if we will be able to gather up $300+ million. I’m just hoping that we will sell the team, and that we will get a new owner who will bring a different philosophy and a different way of doing things. We need change. We need someone who can built a team but make it appealing to the fans as well. I mean, there are some great guys on the Padres team right now. Jody Gerut is a really good player, and he was so much fun to watch last year. There are all these exciting young guys who are fresh from the minors. They are great, exciting players, but the average fan won’t come out to watch rookies. He (or she) comes out to watch stars like Jake Peavy, Manny, A-Rod, you know, the big names. Obviously, the Padres are not going to get a star as big as A-Rod, because we don’t have enough money. But we need players that the fans would have heard of somewhere. An Omar Vizquel might be known. Having Greg Maddux here was great, because he’s pretty much a legend, but we had him for a fairly low price. We have about $20 million available for the rest of our roster. It is pretty scary. Jake Peavy (if he stays) and Brian Giles take up half our payroll. It’s sad. We still need a shortstop, a veteran catcher, possibly a closer (Trevor…), and more bullpen help. Oh, and more starting pitching. Can we get all we need for $20 mil???? We’ll just have to see.

Well, it rained hard all day yesterday. It was a really good rain. Today is kind of cloudy, but I think the rain is over. It was great. Christmas is in a week…     



  1. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Sorry I haven’t commented in a week, I was so stressed out from exams, I had to restrain myself from getting immersed into this awesome blogging community. Anyway, that’s great that Peavy is staying, if that’s still true! 🙂
    Glad you’re enjoying the rain, and I hope this whole Padres ownership gets better with time.

  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    I always saw talent in Jody Gerut, even though he didn’t live up to the hype and floated around the minors. He is a great pickup for the Padres. I couldn’t understand why so many teams passed on him? He had one off year, but other than that, he has always produced. Regardless, I have him in my fantasy keeper league and I’m hoping on good things from him next season.

  3. ohy22xd

    i loved watching jody gerut last year. he was soo energetic and he’s also a great guy! and i want to see him more next year. oh and by the way, WE REALLY NEED A NEW OWNER.

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