News on a Tuesday

So, there is some interesting stuff going on around San Diego. First off, it appears that owner John Moores will try to sell the club. Moores had been a good owner. He was instrumental in getting Petco Park built. But it is time for him to go. So, we will have to see who wants to buy a club who just lost 99 games and whose payroll is ridiculously low. But a new owner would bring new hope to Padres fans, so I really hope it works out.

In other exciting-ish news, CEO Sandy Alderson said that they are no longer approaching clubs about trading Jake Peavy. This is good news, but it doesn’t mean that Jake won’t get traded. Teams could still approach the Padres and try to make a deal. It is still very likely that he will get traded. The Padres will need to make an official announcement that they will not trade Jake before I relax. It would just be so amazing to have Jake here, pitching on Opening Day against the Dodgers. Sigh. I really hope he stays, for all our sakes.

Well, it was raining hard all day yesterday here in San Diego, so naturally we were stuck inside. My friend had recorded the Padres’ last game of the season, and I hadn’t finished watching it yet. It was a really pathetic game against the Pirates, a 6-1 loss. We left 11 runners on!!! It was pretty sad, but it was cool to see all my players again, watch Kouz make incredible plays, just watch some baseball. Boy do I miss it! Well, the Padres’ first Spring Training game is February 25. I can’t wait!     



  1. Kaybee

    Darion- I hadn’t heard that! I’ll have to check it out.


    I forgot to mention-isn’t the top 100 thingy so cool? I am very impressed and it looks great!

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