A Tribute to Greenie

khalil st signing.jpg

Khalil Greene, shortstop, was traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for two pitchers on Thursday, December 4, 2008.

 Khalil, San Diego has loved having you here. You are a great player. You don’t get too emotional, but we love that about you. You’ve been with Padres for your entire baseball career, 6 years. The Padres drafted you in 2002. You came up all the way through the Padres system, making your major league debut in 2003. You were there when we won two straight pennants. You played in game 163, and you almost made it through 2008. 2007 was so exciting. You had a wonderful year, one that earned you the Padres’ MVP honor. But I don’t know what happened this year. You went into a huge slump, but know that we were rallying you all the way. After every homer that you hit, we always said, “Maybe this is the one that will break him out of the slump.” We wanted you to succeed so badly. The thing we’ve probably loved most about you is your defense. Some of your plays will go down in the Padres highlight reel forever. You are absolutely stellar over at shortstop. I love watching you play there. It was a joy to witness those incredible plays.

Khalil, thank you so much for your 6 years with the Padres. We’ve loved having you here. Though it is time for you to move on, I am glad that you had some great years here. I’ll be keeping track of you through the internet. And I’ll miss you a lot, Khalil. NO ONE can replace you. Have fun in St. Louis!  


  1. Darion

    It is sad to lose one of your favorite players on your favorite team. Heck you might lose 3 in one year! (Hoffman, Peavy, Greene) I know it’s not a good feeling. I still feel like the Braves will never have a true player to replace Teixeira. I hope you can find a good player to replace Greene.

  2. ohy22xd

    As a padres fan, I am EXTREMLEY disappointed to see him leave San Diego. And I know you are too. It’s just so hard to see him leave after what he has done for us… We’ll miss his tremendously. I know he had ups and downs, but he was one of the most productive players the we had. Like you said, NO ONE can replace Khalil Greene. And I totally agree. Good luck to Khalil in St. Louis!!

  3. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Great tribute Kaybee, and I’m sorry for your loss. He will definitely always be up there in Padres highlights, especially since he was brought up through your system.
    As far as Tazawa goes, Epstein is probably going to evaluate him in Spring Training, give him some minor league experience etc., but I’d see him as a middle reliever for now… seeing that our rotation is pretty filled up.

  4. Kaybee

    Darion, seriously. Who are we Padres fans going to watch when we go to a game? Adrian Gonzalez, I guess!

    Julia, that’s what I’m afraid of. After the nice long break he’s had, he’s got to be better.

    ohy03xd, TOTALLY. He was amazing, even though he was up and down. Just watch, he’s going to have an incredible year in St. Louis and maybe then our front office will regret what they have done!

    Elizabeth, yeah, I thought the rotation was pretty filled up! I think it is very probable that he will get some minor league experience.

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