Greenie Traded to Cardinals

The Padres have made a move. It was reported on this morning that shortstop Khalil Greene has been traded to the St. Louis Cardinals for two relievers. I really hope they are very good relievers. If we can’t get Trevor locked up, we will need more solid guys in the back of the bullpen.

I am kind of sad about this trade. I’ve loved having Khalil here. Yeah, he’s quiet, unemotional and gloomy, but we love him here. He’s a stellar shortstop. Some of his plays will be forever lodged in the Padres highlights reel. Man, 2007 was his incredible year. He was so solid, and he was a key piece in getting us to game 163. This year he was horrible, no doubt about it. Nothing was clicking. But we got to see a lot more emotion from him than we ever had. I was so disappointed when he punched that storage bin. But it figures. It was right after his 100th strikeout of the season. I will miss him.

So now we are shortstop-less. We have Luis Rodriguez, but his first position is second base. Now that we are rid of Khalil’s $6.5 million, it might give us a chance to keep Jake. But then again, the Padres might want to get a shortstop in a Peavy deal. Maybe they will go back to the Braves. I am very excited about the other side of the deal, our two relievers. Like I said, if Trev goes and Heath Bell moves to the closing role, we will need more bullpen depth. I hope they are respectable major-league ready pitchers. I don’t want guys who I have never heard of. But hey, if they can pitch and help us, bring them on. 


  1. Jane Heller

    Speaking of gloomy, it must be hard to see the players you like get traded or cut loose. I really hope the pitchers you’re getting in return for Greene will help your pen and that this will prove to be a good trade. Teams can never have enough effective relievers, right?

  2. PAUL

    Maybe they can save some cash by going without a shortstop on a permanent basis; I’m sure some of Paul DePodesta’s statistics can form a pitching staff whose numbers indicate that no balls will be hit anywhere in the vicinity of shortstop and they can go with an eight man field; the numbers have worked out so far. (TRAIN WRECK!!!!)

  3. jimmy27nyy

    Hey, Kaybee …

    Yeah, it can’t be a great feeling seeing your favorite players traded away … It was very sad to read your quote in your above post, “So, now we are shortstop-less” !!! … I haven’t heard any rumors lately regarding a possible Jake Peavy trade … What’s the situation, there? … What are the stories in the S.D. newspapers saying about the Padres, and any possible Peavy deals? … I would say, Jake Peavy def does not want to pitch in New York for the Yankees; So, it will be interesting to see where he ends up … Any deal, though, will have to include a shortstop in return to the Padres !!! … Anyway, Take care, Kaybee, and “Have A Great Day” !!! … Jimmy [27NYY]

  4. juliasrants

    Kaybee – it’s tough when your players get traded. No one likes to see the team broken up. But sometimes good can come out of it. A couple of years ago the Red Sox fans were up in arms over Mark Loretta being traded. That meant our new 2nd baseman was going to be this little guy with a not so hot batting average. Okay – so maybe not every trade gets you a Pedroia – but you never know! Good Luck!


  5. metmainman

    With the Javier Vazquez trade, it doesn’t look like you’ll get a shortstop in return if Peavy is traded to the Braves. They got rid of Lillibrdge, so if they did get Peavy, they would probably keep Yunel Escobar, so they don’t go shortstop-less.

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