Our Ruthless Uncaring Rude Pathetic Front Office, etc etc

IMG_0519.JPGSo, the latest news is that the Padres didn’t even offer arbitration to Trevor Hoffman, baseball’s all-time saves leader and 15-year Padre. It’s pathetic. Now, I don’t really understand arbitration too well. But I guess if the Padres had offered it to him and he signed with another team, we would get more prospects in the draft or something. If they had offered it and he accepted, he would have been with the Padres, and had a higher salary. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s basically my grasp of it. All I know is, it means that the Padres don’t want Trevor, and the Padres won’t even try to get some picks for him. It’s making me go crazy. I mean, there’s a total lack of communication on both side. Trevor says the front office hasn’t contacted him. Sandy Alderson says they have. There is almost no possible way that Trev could come back. But I haven’t let it hit me yet. Not until he signs with another team and is truly gone. So, I guess I’m still holding out even though it is SO unlikely, “99-to-1”, Trevor says.   

On the Jake side, Atlanta just got a new starting pitcher. That means that they might not need Jake. But the Cubs seem like the more likely club to get him though, probably with another team. But why would Jake want to pitch for the Cubs? The Winter Meetings are coming up. Jake’s probably going to be traded then. It is sad.

But you know, there is some hope for the season ahead. There was a mention of outfielder Scott Hairston in the latest Padres article. Even if you didn’t follow the Padres last year, you might have heard of the guy. Our outfield situation was shaky all year. Jim Edmonds was a flop, and when we finally got rid of him, we replaced him with Jody Gerut. The Padres had seen him tearing it up in winter ball. He had not played baseball for 2 years because of surgery on both knees. But he deserved to be with us all year, and he was great. He played most of the time in center. Right field was patrolled by Brian Giles. But in left, we had rookie Chase Headley. Chase first learned how to play left in January 2008. He was our everyday left fielder by June. But our backup outfielder, Scott Hairston, was a huge part of this team. In 2007, we got him in a great trade with the Diamondbacks. Bad move on Arizona’s side. They did win the division, but it would have been easier if they hadn’t traded Scotty to us. He hit 2 or 3 amazing walk-off homers, and was solid in the outfield. He was the one who got that 2-run homer in the top of the thirteenth during game 163. And this year, when he finally got a chance to play, he got so hot, it was unbelievable. He just would not stop. He also had another walk-off for us. Plus, he’s a superb outfielder. So, anyways, the story was saying that he will probably have a higher salary and stuff. And it was really exciting because this guy is an amazing player and a great guy. I love having him on this team. Plus, it will be so exciting to watch rookie catcher Nick Hundley. If we can get a veteran backup catcher for him, he will be great.

So there is a little excitement for this season. Even if we go into it without our ace and our star closer but having a ruthless uncaring rude pathetic front office, we will still get to watch all these exciting young guys. Besides, it’s baseball. And I think we’re all starving for that right now, aren’t we?    


  1. juliasrants

    Kaybee, this whole arbitration thing is a little strange to follow. Let’s just hope that after (or during!) the Winter Meetings there will be some signing. I’m feeling more positive today; we Red Sox fans got the suprise of the season when Dustin Pedroia’s contract extension was announced! So, yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus!


  2. Darion

    There is still a chance the Jake will pitch for the Braves next year, but the chances are reducing everyday. The Braves did trade for Vazquez and it looks like we are close to signing Burnett as well. We wouldn’t have enough money to sign Jake if we sign Burnett UNLESS we don’t trade Escobar and put in Kelly Johnson and a couple of other players instead since we would have to go out and get Furcal or Renteria.
    There is still a good chance nevertheless that we trade for Peavy, but it’s a 50% chance. If Burnett signs somewhere else though, expect Peavy to be in Atlanta.
    Hopefully KT gives in and gives up Peavy before we sign Burnett since I really like Peavy more and he will be less of an injury risk. We will just have to continue to play the waiting game and hope we find out what’s going to happen in a couple of days.

  3. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Don’t worry Kaybee, arbitration confused me too. I think you pretty much got it though (at least, that’s basically how I understand it). The Yankees didn’t offer arbitration to any of their free agents either, which I found a bit strange. But maybe the Padres would seek a multi-year deal with Hoffman, rather than a one year deal (which would happen if Hoffman accepted arbitration). Scott Hairston sounds amazing to watch!
    I’m starving for baseball too, it’s aggravating!

  4. Ballhawk Shawn


    As you may or may not know, I’m an avid autograph collector. When the Padres were in town to face the Brewers, I got what is known as “the good spot” by autograph collectors- the one spot that you can see into the dugout while getting autographs. Long story short, I was the first one in the doors and beat everyone else down there by about 45 seconds. Peavy was scheduled to pitch that day, so he was getting ready to take BP. I lean down and look in the dugout and there he is, standing in all his glory. “Mr. Peavy, can I have your autograph” I asked… the told me about how he can’t on days he pitches, and I said to him “just one? Before the ebayers* get here?”… So he signed my baseball on the day he pitched, an extreme rarity.

    *people who sell their autographs, mainly on eBay, that run it for the rest of us

    He’s a good guy.



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