What is Happening to San Diego Sports?

The Padres were absolutely pathetic this year. 99 losses is BAD. But the San Diego disease is moving to their NFL team, the Chargers. They are terrible this year! They are losing at a steady rate, and they will be hard-pressed to make the playoffs. Now, I really don’t care about the Chargers. I don’t care for football in general, but this is just so weird. We have amazing players here. I mean, Jake Peavy, Adrain Gonzalez, LT, Philip Rivers. And yet, the teams are horrible. It is very strange. Last year, 2007, the Padres were one game away from the playoffs. The Chargers came within one game of the Superbowl, I believe. I know that the Chargers fans are not happy. Neither are the Padres fans. What could it be? Is it the front offices? The coaching staffs? The players? I really have no idea, but I blame the front offices. I think the Chargers need to be rebuilding too. How ’bout they trade their best player and San Diego icon, LaDainian Tomlinson? Maybe they can get a few prospects. The two front offices should get together and coordinate to trade LT and Jake on the same day. Maybe Christmas. That would be so lovely for San Diego sports fans. We would probably boycott both teams.

There is also the matter of San Diego teams in the playoffs. The Padres have been to two World Series, lost both of them. The Chargers have been in a Super Bowl, but lost. Whenever San Diego teams even get into the playoffs, they have a hard time going deep. The Padres rarely get past the first round. The Chargers have gone deep, but not deep enough. We have problems.

Maybe it’s the pacific air. Maybe it’s the front offices. Maybe we aren’t cheering loud enough. Whatever it is, it’s unacceptable. San Diego teams are supposed to be good. Players are supposed to want to came here to be on championship-caliber teams. Maybe it’s just an off year. Maybe we’ll get a World Series and a Superbowl in the same year. It might take a while, but San Diego will get their championships. I just hope it’s soon.       



  1. Darion

    Well to make it better, the San Diego Toreros are 9-2 in football lol. Unfortunately they are like a D2 college. San Diego State is really bad! They are 2-10 and in last place in the MVC.
    Maybe it’s just bad luck. Last year the Braves and Falcons weren’t good. The Hawks were the only good team in Atlanta, and I think they lost in the first round of the playoffs.

  2. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Sorry about Trevor Kaybee, but would Trevor only want a one year deal, or is he seeking a multi-year deal? It seems like general managers can get very crafty and manipulative with arbitration… seems like Epstein is only offering Varitek arbitration because he wants the two draft picks if Varitek is signed with another team.
    I hope San Diego can turn it around, you guys really do have some star players! Maybe you’ll end up getting someone good for Jake Peavy (you better, because he’s amazing!). I remember watching that wild card clincher game in ’07, you guys were so close, and you had a great team!

  3. juliasrants

    It does make you wonder if there is something in the water in San Diego! But hang in there Kaybee. We Boston sports fans have lived through a lot of years of having all our teams do poorly and now? The skies the limit! Keep the faith!


  4. happyyoungster

    After shoveling and snowblowing for a few hours the other day, even I want to come to California.

    I must admit, it’s a tough year to be a S.D. fan. But hey, it could be worse…you could live in Cincinnati (1-15 Bungals + Reds) or Detroit (0-16 Lions + Tigers)!! I have a feeling it’s just a temporary downturn. Cities like San Diego don’t stay down for long.
    Hang in there!

    BTW, when are you guys going to trade for Tony Gwynn, Jr.? I thought this would have happened by now. For whatever reason, the Brewers will not give him a chance!


  5. thegoodofthegame

    Ah, San De-a-go… Drink it in… Always goes down smooth.

    Sorry, just had to sneak that in there.

    It is a tough year, no doubt, but you have to keep your head up. In Chicago and for years in Boston, losing was almost expected so it takes a little of the pain away. But in Philly we were always promised great seasons and it took them until THIS YEAR to actually pull through.

    Believe… That’s all you can do.


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