Man, everything in baseball in the past week has been s-l-o-w. But maybe we should enjoy it. This might be the calm before the storm. Speaking of storms, it’s supposed to rain here in San Diego. We’ve had clouds for the past two days, but not much rain yet. It’s really overcast out there, so hopefully it will pour later.

In other randomness, how ’bout checking out an amazing baseball movie? I highly recommened “The Rookie”. Wow. This movie is my all-time favorite baseball movie, and it is close to my all-time favorite movie. All I can say is, WATCH IT. It is a great family movie, really clean, really fun. I could watch that thing everyday. I won’t even go into the story. But it showed me what it’s like for an “old” man in the minors. It’s an amazing movie. Like I said, WATCH IT.

In this time of football madness, I really miss baseball. I can’t stand football. I hate even looking at pictures in the newspaper. It is just disgusting, brutal, and way too manly. Pretty pathetic sport, I think. So it’s hard to stick in the sports world during the offseason. All the sports sites are overrun by football and other sports. No one is talking baseball in social circles. Oh, I despise the chargers, by the way. They are sick. So, I have no comfort in another sport.

But I keep busy. Spring Training will (hopefully) be here really soon. I just want to get there with Jake. I’m afraid that Trevor is really gone, but if we can just keep Peavy…But I’m sure the front office will be nice and wait ’til Christmas Day and then trade him. Lovely. We’ve still got a ways to go. But it is going by. WE WILL SURVIVE!!!!  


  1. juliasrants

    While I can’t wait for the start of baseball – I’ll have to disagree with you on football. I LOVE my New England Patriots. No question there is a lot of hard hitting in football, but there is SO much more to the game. It is a game of skill and finesse. Even though I’m a card-carrying member of the Pink baseball hat wearing league, my Pats shirt & earrings come out on Sundays! (Or whatever night they’re playing!)

  2. Jane Heller

    I’m with you, Kaybee. I can’t stand football. Every year I try to like it, because I’m missing baseball so much, but I hate that they wear all that gear so you can’t even see them. And I’m not into the game at all. Talk about slow. I do follow the NBA a little, because the Lakers are such a big deal here, but I’m looking ahead to spring training, which falls on Valentine’s day. Of course!


  3. thegoodofthegame

    Jane and Kaybee, I think you need to have a convo with my girlfriend and love of my life, Jordan. She loves her Pittsburgh Steelers (the Yankees of the NFL, if you will) and loves the sport of football. I love baseball first and foremost but I also find an appreciation in the schemes of football and the teamwork it takes to be successful.
    Think of it this way: what do we love about baseball? The little things, right? The suicide squeezes, the run-downs, get ’em on-get ’em over-get ’em in, that kind of stuff. Football has it too, it’s just got a little more hot-sauce on it.
    Once you get past the pads and the helmets and the ridiculously long hair that make Johnny Damon look like a Nazi; football really is a great game.

    Not as great as baseball, of course, but it plays its part.


  4. bostonredsoxgirl46

    I’m glad that there are some people out there who agree with me about loving baseball :). It’s hard to find down here. And you’re totally right, it could be calm before the storm… I’d like that! I really like The Rookie too :)… it’s definitely between that one, and Field of Dreams. I HATE football, I don’t know why, I just do. I hate it being on the front page of the sports section everyday, and I hate how baseball is seemingly non-existent in the sports section! I can’t wait for Spring Training either!

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