Things are NOT Looking Good

Things have slowed down over the weekend. On Friday, the Braves announced that they are out of the Peavy race. That’s a relief. But now the talk is the Angels or Yankees. Now, Jake wants to stay in the NL, but he would probably approve a trade to the Angels because it isn’t that far from San Diego. He would probably go to the Yankees because he wants a championship. Jake wants to go to a winning team, but he might not approve a trade if they give up essential players for him. This is just a ridiculous example, but if the Yankees traded A-Rod to the Padres for Jake, Jake wouldn’t want to go because he feels that A-Rod is essential to the Yankees winning. He might not have approved the trade to the Braves anyway because he wanted a solid shortstop like Yunel Escobar behind him. Now, Jake does want to stay in the NL. My theory? He wants to keep his ABs. If he goes to the AL, he won’t get to bat anymore. Last year, Jake was hoping to have a higher batting average than ERA. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out (2.85 ERA to .265 batting average). Oh, well. But he had 13 hits on the season, including 2 doubles. He also hit a homer in Spring Training. He loves to hit, and he can be a threat at the plate. So, in the NL, the Cubs are interested. But they don’t have good pieces to send us. It is most likely that Jake will get traded, but I so wish he would just stay here.

Things on the Trevor side are not good. Trev came out and actually spoke to the press on Friday. Here’s another sad thing involving the front office: Trevor and a bunch of players were vacationing in Puerto Rico. The front office called him on vacation and told him over the phone that the deal was off the table. HOW PATHETIC IS THAT???? Trevor talked a lot about everything that’s been going on. Everything he said, the front office said the exact opposite. Trevor thinks there’s no possible way he could be coming back to San Diego. Sandy Alderson? Oh, sure, he could still be coming back. They are not on the same page. Trevor is going to walk out the door. And the front office won’t even care.  


  1. happyyoungster

    I don’t want to steal them from you, but they sure would look good in Brewers uniforms for ’09. Jake and Trevor coming over together! It’ll never happen but I can dream, right?

    My latest blog post is in regards to the aforementioned ace-Jake Peavy. Check it out! My plea to Jake!

  2. bennettm

    I hope the nats sign Trevor Hoffman. I know it is probably not going to sign him but it would be so great.I listed him in my 09 nats post.Check it out at

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