It’s My Front Office’s Fault

Man, I hate the offseason. Now it looks like the Jake deal isn’t very close to getting done. OKKKK, I thought we just heard that he was really close to being traded. No? Oh, must have been an error there for some poor reporter. So strange. I guess I was feeling a little better because, hey, Jake might well be staying. But I had forgotten the other side of my distress: Trevor. Yeah, and it looks like he is definitely out the door. You know, it will hurt really badly to have Trevor gone and on another team. I’ll be really upset for a while, like mourning a lost friend, but then I’ll eventually be OK with it. Trevor is really like family to San Diego. I don’t know him personally, but like I’ve said before, he IS San Diego. I will definitely miss him. But as long as he isn’t on a rival team, I will still get to watch him pitch through the wonderful world of video. He will still be around. Plus, I will have to become that team’s fan. I might want to become an Indians fan, at least until Trevor retires. Just watch, he’s going to have a 40+ save season and win a World Series. So, I will get over it. I might even enjoy seeing him on another team. But the thing I will not tolerate is the front office. They have handled situations very poorly before, but I think this is the worst. They are the ones who get the blame for letting Trevor walk. They are the ones who will have to watch this team without him. I predict that sometime this season, after the closer for this team blows it big time, they will lie in their beds, restless, thinking about how they let the ALL-TIMES SAVES LEADER walk right out the door. How they offered the ALL-TIMES SAVES LEADER  $4 mil after he earned $7.5 mil the year before. They WILL regret this. They will look around the empty Petco Park one night, at the few season ticket holders snoring in their seats as the Padres are losing 45-0. They will say, we should have given Trevor the respect he deserves. We should have lowered tickets prices and maybe the budget, too, even lower. They WILL regret this. The fans are not happy. We don’t like losing our best players. But we are, unfortunately, used to it. So, sometime in the next few weeks, Trevor will probably be picked up by another team. Jake still might get traded, though things have slowed considerably on that front. And we only have one place to blame: the front office.      


  1. Kaybee

    Good news! Today the Braves GM says that they are no longer actively pursuing Jake! Well, that’s a relief. But now it appears that the Yankees and the Angels are back on the radar. Oh, joy…….

  2. happyyoungster

    Let me share with you a cool story about Trevor that happened about 8 years ago here in Milwaukee. I hope this lightens the mood.

    The Padres were playing the Brewers at Milwaukee County Stadium back in 2000. I was running around the left field bleachers trying to catch every baseball that came my way when I spotted Trevor Hoffman shagging baseballs out in left field. I was wearing a dark green Brewers floppy hat with the strings on the side (you know the type) when I yelled out to him, “Hey Trevor, wanna trade hats?” Now, I’m a big collector of baseball memorabilia (see my blog). So, to get a Trevor Hoffman game hat would have been awesome.
    He yelled back, “toss yours down!” So, I tossed my floppy hat down to him on the warning track. He threw his Padres hat on the outfield grass and put mine on his head. He proceeded to shag batting practice for the next 10 minutes or so with my green floppy hat on his head. It was hilarious! He was showing his new hat off to all of his teammates.
    He came back to the outfield wall and picked up his hat. He said to me, “I’ll tell you what…if my hat fits you, you can have it!” At this point, I was like, please fit…please fit. I put his hat on and it only went on half of my head. I was bummed. Trevor said to me, “I’ve got a pinhead, man.” I looked at the size tag…6 7/8! I wear a 7 1/2.
    Oh well. Getting to see a major league star running around during batting practice with a floppy hat made my day. I gave him his hat back and he tossed me mine. No game hat but he did sign a baseball for me instead.
    One cool dude. From that day on, I was a Trevor Hoffman fan.

  3. metmainman

    Oh no, Kaybee, its nothing like that. Trust me. I felt the same way in 2006 when I heard the Mets weren’t going to resign Cliff Floyd. I watched and saw the team never had the same energy, I felt they missed his presence, and now I know they would love to have him back. But when he was on the Cubs 2007 division championship roster, I was happy for him that he could make the playoffs when the Mets missed out. I felt great for him this year when his Rays made the World Series. Its just a feeling that hangs on. You don’t need to love the team Hoffman goes to; you just need to continue to love him. You always just know your favorite player is doing good, and you are happy. I’m sure Trevor Hoffman leaving is a bit more of a big deal than Cliff Floyd, seeing as Hoffman spent his whole career in San Diego, but you’ll get over it.

    And if you hate the offseason so much but still want baseball, check out this cool website:

  4. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Yeah, much as I enjoy watching a great Red Sox vs Yankees game, if a player on the Red Sox, for example, was to go to the Yankees, it would be unforgivable. Treason, kind of. Like when Johnny Damon *spits* went to the Yankees, I was like I will NEVER forgive him. Because not only did he go to the Yankees, but he said that he never would. It was truly heart breaking, and the Red Sox haters NEVER let me live it down. So if Jake Peavy went to the Yankees, that would be terrible.
    Plus, they’re probably going to get CC, and if they get Peavy, that’s two crazy good pitchers. On top of that they have Mussina still (I think…), and Meng-Wang is gonna get better.
    Hopefully Peavy will go somewhere like Atlanta, kind of neutral right? Unless the Padres have some crazy rivalry with them that I’m unaware of…

  5. Jane Heller

    I honestly don’t think Peavy is coming to the Yankees, but it’ll hurt wherever he goes, Kaybee. Players move around so much these days. Nothing we can do about it except wish we had some control over what our front offices do. I once picked up the phone during a Yankees game and told my husband I was calling Steinbrenner. He thought I was nuts! I was only kidding, but sometimes it’s frustrating being a fan because we have no say in the decisions they make.

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