It Just Keeps Getting Worse

What a lovely way to start the day. I got up my internet and watched my Padres toolbar in horror. The scrolling Padres news moved by: Padres withdraw offer to Hoffman. OUCH. I can’t believe this. Is our front office so dumb as to think that this will help us in some way? Do they not realize that for many fans, this will be the last straw? I have been doubting the front office’s sanity with all this Peavy trade talk, but this is going too far. When reporters talked to GM Kevin Towers, he was as shut up as a frightened turtle. Does this mean you don’t want Trevor back? No comment. Do you still want to see Trevor finish his career as a Padre? No comment. This scares me. It seems as if Trev is definitely done as a Padre. I have stuck by the front office before, but now I’m getting fed up. The whole Moores situation is UGLY. He needs to sell his part of the team and get out of here. Towers has done good things before, but he’s the owner’s puppet. Maybe the problem isn’t the men on the field. Maybe it’s the insane people in the front office. Say we lose Trevor. Then they trade Jake. Then the front office wants to get rid of Greenie so bad that they sent him out for a few pathetic prospects. On my goodness I am FED UP. This is getting so ridiculous. We need new leadership. Poor Bud Black. He has the potential to guide a team deep into the postseason, but the front office isn’t giving him the pieces. They give him guys like Jim Edmonds and Randy Wolf. PATHETIC!  This is soooo sick. Now that it seems like the Padres have dumped Trevor, what are we going to do?  What if he gets picked up by a team in the NL West? I really hope that the Padres will be better next year, but it looks very unlikely. We are not going to get better until we get new leadership. It’s time for a rebuilding season, but not on the field. We need a new front office. I am so sick of this. 



  1. winfieldgwynn

    I agree Kaybee that it’s bad news. I don’t blame Towers though, I blame Moores. The good news is it sounds like the Braves are moving on as the revised packages that the Padres sent to the Braves and Cubs aren’t to their likings so we may keep Peavy. Question is will he be happy knowing that it was said ‘that train has left the station’.
    Bet KT is wishing he took that Arizona GM now that Moores has derailed the team. 😦 But look at the bright side, maybe a white knight will buy the team, sign Hoffman, keep Peavy, go after some free agents….dream on, eh?

  2. happyyoungster

    I could not believe my eyes/ears when I heard/read this news. I’m a Brewers fan and even I know what an unbelievable guy he is on and off the field. I just don’t understand this! He has shown so much loyalty to this team and they didn’t even grant his request for a meeting? Appalling.

    Better days are always an opening day away…hang in there.


    P.S. I found your blog and read your headline comments. I almost fell out of my office chair! Please check out my blog and read the entry titled “ is on the web!” Pay special attention to the last photograph.

  3. PAUL

    I’d suggest you contact the club and air your complaints, but truth be told and given the history of Alderson, DePodesta, et al, I don’t think they’d care. The one thing you can do is contact the San Diego media about the way the team’s being run. If the ballpark was built with public financing, then the fans definitely have a say in the product on the field. And it’s one thing to slash payroll, it’s another to treat people like trash, and that’s what they’re doing with Hoffman. Now the spin doctoring (Alderson’s specialty) will begin. San Diego fans shouldn’t buy it.

  4. bostonredsoxgirl46

    I’m so sorry that the owners of the Padres are absolutely insane. I don’t know anything about them, but I can tell by your blog, that they must be pretty deranged. I hope you guys can make do with what you have, and maybe look into your farm system or something like that? This must absolutely suck. I live in Florida, so I’ve been hearing about the Marlins doing the same thing, getting rid of their players, some of whom have been developed into some serious ball players for only some minor leaguers. It’s really sad, but try and hang in there. I agree with some of the former comments, write to one of the journalists for your local newspapers, see what their opinions are.
    Hope you feel better.

  5. Kaybee

    Thank you, everyone, so much for your support. I love this community because we’re all baseball fans, no matter what specific team, and we can pick each other up. I think I will complain to the newpapers. Thanks, it’s a really good idea. Again, THANK YOU!

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