7 Reasons for Trevor to Stay in San Diego

trevor legkick.jpgTrevor Hoffman, baseball’s all-time saves leader, is a free agent. He’s been offered a contract by the Padres, $4 million for this year and a $4 million option for next year. But there’s been no word from Trevor or his agent as of yet. I am very certain that he will stay, and here’s the reasons why.

REASON #7: He has 554 saves, 552 with San Diego. He tied for the all-time record here in Petco Park. The next day, he became the all-time saves leader against the Pirates. He also got his 500th and 550th at Petco. I mean, he’s already made history here. Every save breaks his own record. He became the leader here in San Diego, as a Padre. Why should he add to that record in another uniform?

REASON #6: He’s been here for 15 years. That’s a long time. His first team was the Flordia Marlins, who traded him to the Padres in 1993. It would be plain WRONG to go to another team for only one or two years. Why can’t he be sort of like Tony Gywnn?

REASON #5: His family is very established here. Trevor’s wife, Tracy, runs a children’s gym. His three boys, Brody, Quinn and Wyatt have lived here their entire lives. If Trev is going retire in a few years anyway, why move on now?

REASON #4: Trevor Time and the fans. Ever since Hell’s Bells first played in Qualcomm Stadium in 1998, every Padres fan heads to Petco with the hope of seeing Trevor Time. When the Padres are leading by a few going into the top of the 9th, we buzz in anticipation of our all-time saves leader making an appearance. I had the extreme privilege of seeing Trevor Time live for the first time this year. I will never forget it. Seeing him on the mound, Hell’s Bells blaring through the stadium, all 30,000 or so fans standing and screaming, all of us confident in our legend. It’s amazing. It’s a San Diego tradition. We die-hards love him. There are some who will doubt him, but the faithful know. He may struggle, he may fail, but he always takes all blame, and he fights to win. You gotta cheer for a guy like Trevor.

REASON #3: He’s been in this situation before. In 2005, Trev was a free agent. He got offered a really good contract by the Cleveland Indians. He turned it down to stay with the Padres, sacrificing about $11 million. He’s not in it for the money, that’s well known. He wants to stay in San Diego, and the front office seems to want him too. So this won’t be about the money. It’s going to be about Trevor pitching for his team.

REASON #2: He can still pitch. I know the excuses, the bashes: he’s old, he’s washed up, his time is over, he can’t pitch. Well, the truth is, he may be 41, but he CAN still pitch. I mean, look at Greg Maddux. Look at Jamie Moyer. They are both really old guys, but they pitch well every fifth day. Trevor is a closer; he does not pitch that much. His save oppurtunities are usually very far apart. He gets a lot of time to rest, and he keeps himself in great shape. Though he does struggle at the beginning of the season, he always bounces back and finishes decently. He threw really, really well last year, better than he has in a few years. His stuff was great. The guy has one, if not two, years left in the tank.


He IS San Diego. Ask any Padres fan. Besides Tony Gywnn, Trevor is the face of the Padres. He’s been here for 15 years. He is our celebrity. He’s going to the Hall of Fame in a Padres uniform. Besides his amazing performance on the field, he is generally a great guy. He always gives the press all the time it needs, especially after he blows a save. He also does a ton of charity work.

We love him here. This is where he belongs. We need our closer. We need Trevor Hoffman.          



  1. Jane Heller

    I agree that age should not be a factor for Trevor! You mention Jamie Moyer. How about Troy Percival, who closed for the Rays before he got injured late in the season. He was key to their successful run, so I say hang on to your guy!


  2. welikeroywelikeroy

    With Hoffman its just one of those things, hard to picture him in another uniform. Roy Halladay is becoming like that for the Blue Jays. One of those players you never want to get rid of no matter how old they get. Others George Brett, Derek Jeter, Jason Varitek (although he played for the Mariners and is a free agent I can’t picture him in another uniform) there are more.

  3. Kaybee

    Some Padres news from the weekend: Brian Giles’ option was picked up by the Padres on Friday. This is great because he’s a good player, and we need the veteran leadership in the clubhouse. It appears that Jake is out the door, though no deal is done yet. Jake is relecutant because he doesn’t want to get traded for good players. For example, if he gets traded to the Braves, we might get Yunel Escobar is return. Jake is concerned that the Braves won’t be able to get a shortstop of his equal. Wherever he goes, Jake wants to be on a contending team. A lot of Padres think we’re just a few pieces away to be contending, but if Jake leaves, we could very well be back in the dumps. Today the news comes out that the Padres are going to be very active in the trade market, as opposed to free agent signings. Last year, the free agent signings didn’t work to well for us. So, we’re going to be trading. I’m guessing that means Jake, Greenie, and other players. I think it’s going to be a tough offseason, cause it looks like we’re going to lose a lot of our favorite players.

  4. bostonredsoxgirl46

    By some divine grace, I was able to understand the concept of chemical equations, but then we got to dimensional analysis, and it all went downhill from there. I mean really? Can’t we save math for the physics course that I’ll never take? And yes! There were also two new articles on redsox.com today too! I totally cannot stand any other sport besides baseball, and since I live on the east coast, watching games that go into extra innings on the west coast is absolutely brutal, but worth it. Any interesting moves the Padres are going to make, I guess more in the sense of acquisitions? Too bad Jake Peavy is gonna leave :(. Hopefully he’ll go somewhere where you can at least still respect him, not a rival team.

  5. mooresell

    Hoffman is the 2nd GREATEST Padre of all time,Behind Mr Gwynn.. It’s a crying shame that the Padres are treating the future Hall Of Famer like this..Hoffy isn’t just the all time saves leader he’s a 1st class Gentleman!!!.. His work in the community shows alot for WHO this man really is.
    Its really gonna be hard to see Hoffy in another teams uniform… What a sad story for all true Padres fans!!!!

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