Adrian Wins First Gold Glove

adriangonzalezpetco.jpgAdrian Gonzalez won his first Gold Glove yesterday. It is well deserved. Adrian is super-solid over at first. On this horrible Padres team, he was still able to have a spectacular year. He participated in the All-Star game this year, and now he has his first of many Gold Gloves. In 161 games, he had 6 errors with a fielding percentage of .996. Now, Adrian is a huge part of San Diego. He participates in countless charity events for organizations all over the county. In this uncertain offseason for Padres fans, we finally got some good news yesterday. When we’re getting nothing but trade rumors for our best player, we really need GOOD news once in a while. And here it is. It was amazing what Adrian was able to accomplish this year. He improved almost everywhere he could. He had a great year as an individual. He hit a lot better at Petco, driving a good number of homers to left field as well as right. Adrian is just a great guy, and this award is very deserved. CONGRATS, ADRIAN! Check out his website at

In other news, it appears that Greg Maddux will retire. But he did get his 18th Gold Glove yesterday. Dude, he’s amazing. It was so much fun to have him in San Diego, and it’s too bad that he couldn’t end his career in a Padres uniform.


  1. bostonredsoxgirl46

    Whoa, that’s super exciting that Adrian won his first gold glove. Only six errors in 161 games, that’s pretty impressive. It’s impressive that he almost played every single game. That guy is a work horse! Greg Maddux, 18 gold gloves?! That’s insane, but great!
    Good luck with everything going on with Jake Peavy.

  2. Kaybee

    I know, seriously. It’s getting really annoying and depressing. We’re just hoping that he will stop any trade!

  3. Darion

    Well at least something good happened for your team. Its a shame I bet that Greene and Peavy will be leaving, especially Peavy. Maybe my Braves will give you Escobar and some good prospect so you can maybe get a little better. Im hoping Maddux retires as a Brave though =)

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